Anyone know a wicker shop? I need 100ish yellow or tan wicker

This guy needs a sombrero

Everyone seems to only be selling black or white wicker.


You check nova? They usually have a selection or yamaska?

I can make you some if you haven’t found any yet?

Neither yamaska nor nova has any oddly

Normally I do not sell wickers but I have some that do not serve me. I added them in the center of the store. There are about 30 different colors in 2 shop stand … there may be colors that may interest you but I doubt that you are interested in what I can offer. You can go check if you want

150 mustard
50 Vivid mustard
54 light mustard
40 light tan

Wakenbake can surely help you better

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Vivid mustard looks pretty nice - can you make me 60-75ish of those @wakeNbake? I’ll buy the other 50 off yamaska. Unless that’s a hard color to make

That’s no problem at all, I can make any colour. Give me say 30 minutes and I’ll have them ready for you.

Cool yeah whatever a mass craft is around that size. I figure I need 100-125 total (yamaska has 50)

2 mass crafts will make 100, so you’ll have a few leftover or I can keep the extras if you don’t want them.

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That’s fine - thanks!

Ok @DKPuncherello your wicker is ready. Where would you like to meet?

Know how to get to my Legendville mall?

I think so, I’m sure I can find it. Be there shortly

It’s the tnt Tana portal, also it’s linked to ps Biitula

I sell wicker at Ooh La La! Along with everything else you need to decorate your builds! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::green_heart:

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Try Sydney he has a wicker section

Where is your shop. I fell in love with your stuff but forgot where it is, I need to shop…

It’s on Sorissi. Located in HSE. If you look up marble or wicker in the knowledge it’ll show up as greenheart unless she renamed the beacon to ooh La la. Finally(:sweat_smile:)

It’s close to the main HSE hub

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Man the mall started to finally grow around this guy :blush: nice

Hope he is bringing many people joy. His name is Gustavo.

I found it the beacon is still named greenheart thankyou.

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