Anyone know a wicker shop? I need 100ish yellow or tan wicker

This guy needs a sombrero

Everyone seems to only be selling black or white wicker.


You check nova? They usually have a selection or yamaska?

I can make you some if you haven’t found any yet?

Neither yamaska nor nova has any oddly

Normally I do not sell wickers but I have some that do not serve me. I added them in the center of the store. There are about 30 different colors in 2 shop stand … there may be colors that may interest you but I doubt that you are interested in what I can offer. You can go check if you want

150 mustard
50 Vivid mustard
54 light mustard
40 light tan

Wakenbake can surely help you better

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Vivid mustard looks pretty nice - can you make me 60-75ish of those @wakeNbake? I’ll buy the other 50 off yamaska. Unless that’s a hard color to make

That’s no problem at all, I can make any colour. Give me say 30 minutes and I’ll have them ready for you.

Cool yeah whatever a mass craft is around that size. I figure I need 100-125 total (yamaska has 50)

2 mass crafts will make 100, so you’ll have a few leftover or I can keep the extras if you don’t want them.

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That’s fine - thanks!

Ok @DKPuncherello your wicker is ready. Where would you like to meet?

Know how to get to my Legendville mall?

I think so, I’m sure I can find it. Be there shortly

It’s the tnt Tana portal, also it’s linked to ps Biitula

I sell wicker at Ooh La La! Along with everything else you need to decorate your builds! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::green_heart:

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Try Sydney he has a wicker section