Anyone remember how we used to be unable to visit full worlds?


Finata used to be packed all the time, capped at 60 users.

It’s like George W. Bush, at the time it seemed horrible but now I miss those days.


While i liked there was people there it was honestly pain to travel. I remember waiting 5-10mins in one point at portal.

Edit. Also i see @Jeffrotheswell writing here so might aswell blame him about it.


Oh I waited way more than that before lol.


I remember very well, many did last night when we tried to get to Circapous…


Yep, we capped circ for a good half hour this morning. Good times!


I got on yesterday and my base is on circ and i saw that it was full and i couldnt get on and I says what is going on wheres the party at!? Annndd i was too late to the party lol