Anyone still need some exotic earthyam bulbs to start their farm?

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Thanks @AeneaGames, @wakeNbake very generously gave me 20 which I’ve planted already for max seed yield to gradually build up but if/when an exo does appear I can quickly dig one up to use now :slightly_smiling_face: … thanks again @wakeNbake, I’ll do the same when I’ve managed to cultivate some more, gotta pass it on :grin:


Um, yeah, this please… weekend already here for me! :smile:

Please, please, please exo? We’ve been good lil Oortians here! :innocent:


They usually spawn when I’m not here & I’m getting ready to leave soooo keep an eye on the sky! lol

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Haha, yep, underground right now but as soon as I’m up I’ll be obsessively peeking towards the sky! :smiley:

I did all my chores… :wink:

Made my bed? Check. Made a new bed for a house.
Took out the trash? Check. Threw a ton of stuff in the chrysominter!
Mowed the lawn? Check. Took out some grass on my new Gyosha plots.
Walked the dog? Umm… well, a spitter chased me about half a mile, that counts, right?
Cleaned house? Well, kind of, cleared out part of a new room… a bit of a mess around though I admit…

Still, that’s good right? Earned an exo? :pleading_face:


Looks like you were taken care of while I was asleep =)

I just did my morning harvest so I do have some spare bulbs to give away if anyone else still needs them.

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Still have any left for sale?

free, and yes I have a few more i can give out if you are just starting your farm

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We are we have one. Lol

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can meet you at any PS hub

Heading to gravidas te

Got an exo - nice colors! :smiley: Thanks devs!! Weekend simply is NOT a weekend now without an exo to explore! :slight_smile:


I know this is for exotic bulbs but I have some high octane cultivators you could throw in with the seeds you are giving away. That way gives them a lil bit faster returns. Have about 5 SS I can spare ATM. Let me know if you want them.