Anyone using Meteor Ichor?


Anyone actually using these from the exo world’s?

I am curious who might be using them.


Mixed reviews so far, see this thread for some discussion not too long ago.


I use it to create the amalgams for my shop!


Are you selling many of them Red?


I sell some amalgams usually but i am out of ichor since some time.


I’m leeching off of my neighbor’s portal to rack up shards for later. The amalgam’s aren’t cost efficient, but I plan to use them at some point


It’s clear from the implementation that amalgam’s are ‘vacation insurance’. As in you’re expecting to go away for some time and want your portals to stay up, and are willing to pay/grind a little more in order to do so.

As is, they clearly aren’t useful for general daily use.

I think it’s (currently) too difficult to get ichor - as in not available at all times. They should be a regular drop from all meteors, or from meteors on T6+ planets. Perhaps they intend to make lucent worlds permanently available in the future.


Yes at some point we will get permanent lucent worlds. It’s in on of the release notes some where. Lol. I’d imagine we’d have to see at least one Umbris exo first tho.


I think its too scarce to really use at the moment. I am just hording it until something changes.

I think giving it a low drop rate on T6 could be good all around.

Dont get me started again on umbris


Thanks for all the info all!