Anyone want a free portal from here to Arie, Refgar, Imoco, Gellis or Niaa Zed Ka

I want to fill the 2x1 spaces and can’t think where to :slight_smile:

I’ll fuel it.

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I’d jump at this, but I’m on storis.

Good links from those:

New Leyden has Ark’n’Arts dead in front that has Gyosha Mall and Legendville Mall portals. And that’s on top of all the great shops and portals at New Leyden itself like Powermans Mining Network, Lake, Pawn Shop and R3Ds.

River Towns is just my favourite town. Nice compact hub with a huge T4+ Network of their own. Good crew to hunt with especially if you’re new to it.

Arie Plaza has my shop, the Ultima planet link, Lamblis PS, Ultima Mall to name a few. And Dealz baskets always seem full.

is ANTAR VI ok for you or possible ? Or StorisII ?

I can only reach the 5 planets listed with 2x1s. Bring me your token and I’ll make a 3x1 - don’t forget to make your 3x1 face North/South because of … weirdness. Antar is 3x1

i ´ll do , but where are you located ? and when should i give you the token?

I’ve PM’d you

Where are you? - I’ll come to you

i ll be online in 7 hours , i ´m still @work

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