Anyone willing to que up some Wayfarers Totems? (COMPLETE)

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Just need someone to come que me up some totems! My machine, my rss, you just have to come que it up. Tip will be given. Thanks

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can log in and meet and do that for you

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What is the recipe for this?

it’s pretty much a typical titanium tool recipe

the problem is you need to be early backer of certain level to be able to craft them

so you might have all the ingredients but if you are not early backer you need to find one to hit craft button for you

I did it before for people.

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I can meet you at TNT or EZPZ just let me know where

tnt circa so?

running there now

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Im there. McSacs is my name

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you still need someone for the wayfarer ? if yes i can help you too
edit: ok its too late i should sleep (short before 3am)… or i should read the topic till the end XD just see that all complete XD


Thank you for the offer!~

i have the backer tier why should i not help, i do this not the first time. if you search for wayfarer you found me more as 2 or 3 times :joy: