AOE for Spanners and Block Changing Chisels


Yup! It’s connected to Nova Golda Portal Network which I reopened today!

It’s a hella good spot :wink:


Indeed. Working on making helix power coils. Btw I started the Reapers Guild. Even if you don’t wanna join you should check out the what I did for people to join. Little bit of a hunt for the guild book and the Reaper trials(skill test and labyrinth) it’s prettt fun. Check it out if you have some time.


Sounds cool! Will check it out sometime, right now so much to do besides staring at the skies! :smiley:


Is there exos already? I hopped on just to get the update and do a few things.


Don’t think so, seems more like a hotfix for the guild buffs.


And? Are they in there? database? Need another skillpage for my crafter I think in order to see them, tho I tried respeccing but couldn’t see them still, but then again am kinda tired might have made a mistake…


I’ve been working :frowning: I’ll get to it soon!


I couldn’t see chisels in the workbench for the special materials when I checked this morning. I tried tools and tech.


There’s no recipes associated with them, so unfortunately no new special chisels in this update!

Gem chisels will probably be able to shape them I guess :man_shrugging:

Edit: although I may still be wrong - seems a lot changed in the data structure this release, so my import needs a little tweaking.


Hmmmm! Well, keep us posted!