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I’m sure it’s an error, but figured I’d check.

Devs just teasing us bro hahaha, only if it dropped in Meta- now that would be amazing save me having to transform 1mil blocks like a crazy man hahah.

Goo is your friend.


Still not totally convinced as I had a few colors unlock on a few of my Exos that didn’t show on my Sovereign for the longest on Boundlexx.

Still a LONGSHOT hah… but here’s to hoping.



Strong cherry & dark red looks to be the closet we have, still. No shadow red rock available.


@Leahlemoncakes we need shadow red hehhehehe


What you want for shadow red rock Muhahahaha

Wait I thought you farmed it boop

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Was EU EXO connection was unstable 90% of the time- never been kicked soo many times hahah

just sold over 5k shadow red goo for 170c E^

Is Shadow Red (22) Peat selectable? @majorvex

@majorvex Disregard…no it is not.

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