AQUAHUB: at your services until releaseday

hi guys i heard alot off people saying they stop playing until release
me @the-moebius and @Dunedragon will stay active until the devs come kick us off solum and will be maintaining and keeping everything aquarelated active and suported
also we will keep expanding our city
join us and our hub and become first gamers to reach great city :sunglasses:

our new hub offers shops aquabuilds hubs bases and many things to see and do we also host the massive omnishop project and will keep finetuning the new omnishop

newest progress on hub and many new portal links are getting made

gigi aproved screenshots :smile:


I’m still playing when I can :slight_smile: … I’ve noticed a few builds around me have already disappeared. If you need any refined stone then I’ve got a fair bit available at just 1c each :laughing:.


Yeah i really love the new hub and living in the city :grin: I’m definitely going to keep playing and building till release!

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Ditto, there will always be at least one big shop in the universe :wink:


ooo looks so nice! That explains the pyramid in the ground! Great job guys! I will come and visit! :smiley::sunglasses: