Aquarius Network need your help!


They aren’t lacking money, they are lacking folks to sell them oortstone. Probably because people are buying elsewhere for 180c or so.

Edit, you already said it before I replied lol.


Yeah they can’t just pay more because in the current state of the game that’s not sustainable for them. They caught it before they crashed which is good.


I’m definitely one that pays 180+/- for stones when I stock my basket. I generally throw in 500-600k and wait til it runs out and that’s lasting me a while for the private network. Oort is pretty underpriced tbh but since the majority of the footfall coin, as I’ve repeatedly said, lies within a specifically small percent of the population they’re able to dictate what price port sales at. Until they aren’t able to any more. And now you see he results of that. Clearly oort needs to go up in costs unless there are continued charity drives such as this.

Market forces are a fun thing toy around with.


I wish you could charge a little fee to use a portal because I’m not that big of a hunter nor have a lot of oortstones.


I second the “where exactly are your baskets again?” question. I have enough Rough Oort to support my personal, 1x2 portal for the next month or so. I could sell Aquarius some of my surplus. But I’m a lazy spud, and don’t want to waste a lot of time hunting for the hidden request basket(s). :grin:


Imma just say it because its not been said and is a very true statement regardless of feelings towards the group or anything from anybody.
P.S. has not had this issue. Why? Because they planned for it and host daily hunts. They planned there guild accordingly.


ive ever seen


Who could plan for footfall breaking though?


You dont plan for footfall breaking. You plan to cover your a$$ from the get go. Do you go get a loan with payments larger than you can handle? I doubt so and if so you are ruining yourself.

I see so often people pulling the trigger on builds and blasting threw them setting them up because they have what they need at the time. Not gonna work guys and gals… this games about long term planning. Without it you will most likely fall on your face.


How many players does Portal Seekers have?


What MoriOni said.

My understanding is that PS covers most (all?) of their Oort stone costs via their hunts. That’s why they can afford to have $2 million prize for that pixel art contest, which reportedly is funded by their footfall coin, as their way to invest back into the player base.


Ive been on hunts with PS many a times. And most of the times when the hunt is over all PS members are trading there oort to viress or one of the other leaders before he warps out. Maybe its there cost of being part of the guild who knows? There guild there rules. But thats what its all about having a smart level headed not so much an a$$ but can play the part if need be leader.


Sadly, this is 100% what the problem is. It’s not so much the hub having the issue, it’s everyone who was selling us oortstone. They don’t have the coin to keep up their hunting and are needing more coin for their oortstone. Which bleeds us dry since we can’t afford to go above 100c with the footfall also effecting Ultima


I love Ultima btw, but could we just down size the portal size to 1x2 to save on the cost of shards per hour?


I think hash doesnt like 1x2 portals


There aren’t very many planets that can connect to a 2x1. Very limited distance.


That’s not the problem. It’s the fact people are demanding we double our oortstone buying cost and are refusing to sell to us because we won’t pay 200c a piece for oortstone.

The main problem: Right now PS and Ultima are forcing a certain price for oortstone. People are demanding we raise our prices to match. We raise our prices, and others will then raise theirs. Then the demand to raise our prices will happen again. For as long as I have a say in the matter, oortstone prices will not be going up.


Ok ok ok everyone you guys passed the test , congratulations, I was making sure everyone knew that :grin::sunglasses::grin::sunglasses: because I differently did :innocent:


#FixFootfall2020, everyone needs to go out and vote!


This is why I was making an issue of this the moment I saw footfall numbers being weird. I hoped they would fix it as soon as it became public. But instead they’ve decided to “sit on their fingers and watch” even though it’s quite literally 1 line of code that needs tweaked and they know which one. it’s been confirmed this is the problem