Aquarius Network need your help!


Aren’t Portal Seekers still going strong? I’m quite content with their network, though I appreciate what Ultima are doing for the community.

They all need some tips from @Jeffrotheswell. The one man gatekeeper.


Yup, PS is still in service.
I actually had a bet with some of my guild about when we would start seeing portal networks collapse or cease to expand. My prediction was that we would start to see stagnation or collapse of the existing networks at around 60 worlds. I’m a little bit surprised that Aquarius is pursuing the charity route to address their needs rather than optimizing their routes to reduce cost or raising their buying rates, or even adjusting their footfall creation to generate more FF income. Charity may address immediate needs, but it has a tendency to dry up in smaller communities like our own. Eventually the laws of the universe will pass their judgement. Adapt, or die.


Apperently there is a demand for Oorthstone? ofcourse prices go up :slight_smile: If you had to choose between getting paind 10 dollar an hour or 18 dollar an our for the same task, what would you do?


the first year was hard but near the end I was receiving so many donations that I didn’t have to ever farm ort any more.
he11 @Jiivita gave me smart stacks of shards multiple times.
I say if you use a network donate 1 out of 10 stones you earn.
make no mistake running a line is hard work.
plus @AmandaPan was helping quite a bit during it’s golden age.


Like I said, market forces are a thing. With our current player population it sounds like there’s only a handful of groups that can survive running multiple large hubs.

Footfall isn’t the problem. It’s coin generation period. As long as you have footfall be the main coin generator in this game, then a very small group of the playerbase is going to control the coin(vets shot off when I mentioned this 2 months ago and now it’s showing the case) If that coin doesn’t move out to the public then it’s not being spent which means a ridiculously wonky and volatile market/economy across the board.

Address coin generation and a lot of problems get solved across the board though I’m sure there will be some smaller ones that will need whackamole treatment.


Jeff if you’re bored you are welcome to participate in my cities network. I love how you created very artistic hubs and that’s what I am going for. You should PM :hugs:


cool man i will :smile_cat:


There is no requirement at all for people to do this in PS. We don’t tell people to do things.

I can’t emphasise this enough. Increasing the buy price is a temporary stop-gap. We’ll get a flood then be in a much worse problem.

They’ve been coming down, closer and closer to our 100. I’m pretty sure a month and a half ago people had request baskets for close 300 and were selling for more, am I wrong? We were doing T3 hunts just as often then.

And he helps with the leg work of fueling the portals too! Thank you jiivita!

It makes sense to help fuel the portals that you use, share the footfall there is via the request basket, and use the portals you like. It’s not really charity, it’s just everyone being part of a bigger civilization.


Hey now! I love the Ashen Blue sedi so I go there often!

As for the topic at hand, well I hunt for two reasons:

  1. Creature drops to keep crafting and forging
  2. Oortstones so I can keep my portals open

Which means I can’t just sell them, sadly…


Aqua hosts daily hunts as well, most organised ones I’ve done were Aqua ones…


I think coin availability is very rarely the problem or answer behind anything in boundless. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; the only real value indicator in this game is time.

Ignoring the individual player’s time priorities, there is a relatively stable number of man hours spent on hunting every week. This creates an average number of oorts in the universe per week. I think the shortage is in part also due to every second player having a room full of portals (can’t call them hubs.) Inevitably many of these will close down, dropping portal numbers to only useful ones, and the spice will flow again


300? Pssshh. Maybe there were a few outliers charging 300 right at the start when portals were first going online. I know I made a killing flipping oort for a bit right then. Oort stones have not been going down at all. the average has been going up, especially outside of the hubs, steadily just like gems have steadily been coming down. I’ve got a few spots fairly off the beaten hub path but still in proximity where people clearly go out of their way to sale to for the extra coin in offering.


The only reason I was not originally selling oort to the hub, is because I could sell it for higher somewhere else.

Simple supply and demand, out weighing costs is all.


How do I find the right request baskets? I get aquatopia mixed up with aquarius network


Its on Ultima HQ in front of all EU planet.


I do run a few portals of my own, it does give me tad more footfall and traffic and sales since I have more of them than before.

But it’s not that I have spare oort lying around, I need it myself. I do like huntng but don’t always have the time to join one. It’s always around the times that I really should be in bed (tho I kinda ignore that anywas, haha) OR it’s at a time after 9pm my time when 1 or 2 of my friends finally have some time to play and who don’t hunt (yet)…

So when I go on an organised hunt I need the oort, heck last week I forced myelf to go on one in order to keep my portals open!

I also don’t have much coin to spare.


We can all do something if you really, really want to! And I did earlier! I sold some pies (lovely pies, New Leyden Market, portals at Gellis Prime, Ultima Mall, Lamblis PS, Serp Gate and of course, last but certainly not least, at Ultima HQ on Finata) so had a bit more coin than usual and bought 20 rough oortstones for 300c and sold them to Ultima for 100c. I spent 4k coin and helped them stay alive for a teensy bit longer!

Later I noticed they also have 1c baskets that might be an option the next time I do this!

Everyone can do this! Even if it’s just 1 oortstone you buy for 300c and sell to Ultima for 100c costing you 200c total!


Anyone got info about these hunts? I cant seem to find info on the forums.

Also I’d like to sell shards but cant find the request baskets at the hub.


You must have been pretty setup after the invasion of Elop Portas too. I remember putting a few smart stacks on the shelves there after that ridiculous encounter.


If you go discord of the Poratl Seekers, Hunters Guild and the official discord. You see daily messages about hunts :slight_smile: I dont know if Ultima has an own discord xd


Yes discord is in this post:
Was hoping some forum update tho, im not using discord that much.