Aquatopia? Ultima? Aquarius? A bit of feedback

So, I like using the Aquarius portal network, and know it well. It is VERY easy to navigate.
However… when talking to a new player, saying where to meet at it goes something like this:

Me - “Meet me at the Aquarius Serp Portal.”
New Guy - “Is that from Aquatopia?”
Me - “Ya, you are going to go to the Aquatopian Embassy, then head thru the Ultima HQ portal, then…”
New Guy - “Wait, I know Ultima. so meet there?”
Me - Well, after Ultima HQ, head thru the Besenrova portal, then thru the Serp portal, and it’ll spit you out at the Aquarius Network Serp Gateway."
New Guy - “Oh, Ok… So I’ll just go thru the Aquatopia portals then. Not Ultima… Jeez, I thought you knew this game…”
Me - “Well, you have to go thru Ultima HQ to get to…”
New Guy - “You know what… why dont you just come to me. I’m lost now…”
Me - “Ok where are you?”
New Guy - “I have no idea… just forget it”

So… maybe a bit of simplification would help out some of the players that are just learning the game. Some of them get overwhelmed and confused just because there are different names for everything.

If it’s going to be the Aquarius Network… maybe put that on all of your signs… or rename beacons, so that it is clear what Network they are using.

You all put so much work into the network, it’s sad to see ppl not wanting to use it because it confuses them. I saw a few times on the forum a reply something like “Don’t give me portal directions? I don’t know where that is. Just give me planet/coords to your shop.”

They would rather run across a planet than use the network. It is a shame, and I’m trying to help you figure out why…


Yeah, i’m familiar with the Aquarius/Ultima/Aqua by now (took a week) but if someone wants me to meet using PS network i’m just “NOoooo Ty” Confuses me, likely due to rarely using it.

Should just go by one name. Or separate them completely.

One name. I think of them as the same thing.

ok thanks for feedback guys ill make a poll so community can decide which name they like better :slight_smile:

I prefer Aquarius Ultima Network - A.U.N

please vote here then :smiley: **POLL** Ultima HQ + Aquarius Network

lol am i the only one that is not confused by the PS hub? that’s the only one I’ve used to get places, all the others I get lost in.


No, I can navigate PS just fine. It’s better now. But for newer players, a sign saying “T3” worlds doesnt mean anything. especially since the planets are organized by “Level” now, as any new player sees by looking at a portal. (Lvl 1 Placid Lush World)

Everyone everywhere needs to please stop using “Tiers”… The devs simplified it into “Lvl” in-game for a reason. Because it was confusing since there is a Tier 0.

Or simply Aqua, conveys a lot more than yet another acronym

I used to like it better, yes, but that was in the first few weeks of release, then server issues happened, portals took longer to load and running thru 6 portals to get to the planet I was heading to, especially if for some odd reason they include servers from all regions in every single path I had to take (it’s fine when it works, but going to Boori from EU isn’t always fun! especially not just to run thru). Then PS started changing things temporarily to help with the server load, then I stopped using it.

Now Aqua network I feel is much easier to use. You have the 4 continent hubs and the T5+ hub and that’s it, easy peasy and I don’t have to look at a silly online map to see the best route like with PS…

to each their own! I like PS hub because there is the main line which consists of like 6 planets and its a loop, I’ve gotten used to the direction certain places are so I usually only have to go through 3 or so portals to get where I’m going.
I guess it comes down to whatever you’re used to.


Damn. And here I thought Aquatopia, Ultima, and Aquarius were 3 different entities.



It is formerly known as Aquarius. I was asked to be the PR guy for Ultima guild who based out of aquatopia and use the aquarius network and I was even like, so portal seekers? why the heck are we trying to talk about aquateen hunger force again?

So yes, it is quite confusing. However, this is a very concerning issue now and ultimately it will 100% most likely default to a one name network. Probably Ultima something or aquariums galactic. There is a poll if you wish to shape the rebranding of the network. Unfortunately dickbutt is already taken.

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Sure, I was used to PS before the changes as well, didn’t even need to use the map after a while, then the changes came and I need to use the map again. And I was already used by then to Aqua network.

Gotta say tho, it would be so, so handy if PS changed their signs, not just tell me that when I go south I go to ‘xxxx’ planet, tell me which ones are reachable from there!