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BIG NEWZ REBUILD AQUATOPIA aquatopia is using a new discord for the rebuild if ya have interest in joining aquatopia rebuild on release as an allie(visitor) our an aquaprentice(plans to build in aqua) our an aquatopian (requires notable build in current aquatopia)
grtz the aquateam

post all aqua related things here from now on also use the discord for more info :smile:

What's the background story of Beckon?
How to improve the underdeveloped market hubs/planets
Boundless Community Stories!

hi aquatopia here we not really a guild just a group off builders that gonna build a huge city we use a discord to manage the city in the beta version off the game we where the bigest city and capital off solum
and we plan to do it again but this time we will use a public world designed by one off our leaders we have not many rules and i think thats what makes aqua so apealing our only rule is dont rush people and we accept all styles
just the hub and shops will be put into one big nice area to manage it and make life easy on our planet :smile: join now you wont regret it
we got many builders ready to help on your project if needed our you can help us in your own timeframe
we been working together with all the beta guilds since day one and they all awesome and welcome in aquatopia :smile:
we where also responsible for the moebius plaza hub the games hotspot for portals on therka

big thanks to all the youtubers that put us in the boundless historie book
i hope i found all the vids :wink:

heres a cool twitch stream we found will the creator please contact me :wink:

What's the background story of Beckon?

Hey guys!

Here are the plans for Aquatopia 1.0!

Aquatopia 1.0 will be built on a public planet designed by one of the Aquatopian leaders via the “create a world” supporter package perk. This planet will most likely be implemented somewhere around ultimo October - mid November. It will be a EU, tier 0 planet.

This leaves us with 2,5 - 3 months of preparation time. As Aquatopians though, there is no way that we can just wander purposely around for this amount of time, thus we aim to go nuts right off the box!

In a few days (or today?) when the new universe goes live, we all spawn US and start building an Aquatopian embassy right away: Portal hub, houses, shops, all in! We work on this project up until the day, planet Aquarius (epic name, right? :D) is ready. Then we all move to Aquarius and start making Aquatopia 1.0. The two cities will be connected with a nice and big “Portal to US embassy” portal!

It feels like people are very, very eager to start building right off the gates, and we want to benefit as much as possible from this eagerness!

we also launch today our oficial boundless seal
it represent arrows that neverstop expanding :wink:


tl:dr: Right of the gates we spawn US and stat making an Aquatopian embassy. When Aquarius (EU) is ready (ultimo October - mid November) we jump to that and makes Aquatopia.

here’s the official discord for aquatopia open for all friends and members

we also have a cartographer who will map our planet once its under construction here’s an example off it (not an actual accurate lay-out just sample)

heres our official song :wink:

we consider our self a build group instead off a guild and so we accept all guilds into aquatopia and all walks off life its all about creating awesome builds and a epic community full off love and life


I can’t wait!


would be cool if someone actually builds the ruins of the old aquatopia so that people who are interested could go on dive expeditions to find and explore it. Would also generate some footfall for the owner so that it then can be used for the needs of the city ^^


we where thinking the same :smile:


All EU players who are willing to help with the expansion of Ultima Aqua Hub Inc on eu servers as a part of the Aquatopian Empire come to those coordinates :slight_smile: We are building a massive HUB for every EU planet and most of the US/Australia and other :slight_smile: Later on we will make a connection to the designed planet on which we will have our Aquatopia main base :slight_smile: as Moebius mentioned :slight_smile:

We will connect US Embassy with the Hub :slight_smile: and later on with Aquatoipia main :smiley:

here are coordinates :slight_smile:



we try to get a conection to EU asap @Hashmalash is working hard on the EU side and the ultima aqua hub inc. so the aquatopians have easy acces to the universe :smile: yay aqua


Y’all are bound to be the capitol “city” again, in no time flat! Congrats!


we are at the moment on beckon the capital settlement title just arrived :smile:
the embasy is allready looking pretty epic
congratz to @iGoofy to be the first to reach settlement you are now a legend :smile:
and congratz to everybody else to much to name you know who ya are :sunglasses:


Awesome will visit asap as soon as my character hits lvl 10. :grin:


This world was just made for the next gen Aquatopia!


I was settled very close to Aquatopia in the beta servers, and once the launch universe opened I got lucky enough to find Aquatopian Embassy as soon as I started and settled in there immediately. Let’s rebuild the best city in Boundless!


Yeah, I almost passed iGoofy in prestige last night, but he beat me to it by about 2000 prestige. Oh well, maybe next time! lol. It’s already starting to take shape.


Is there much iron on beckon?


Roughly this ratio:



No idea how it would work out, but someone should try and build a static Orrery for the Boundless worlds…at least some kind of floor map.


@Simoyd has done this before with nice details if anyone gonna do it it be him :wink:


I’m workin on it. Should be workin before launch date. Waiting on some possible APIs from devs too!


UPDATE: embassy market and omnishop fully functional now not hard to find use PS network and ya end up in the market omnishop is just across the street please when arriving in embassy also take a walk around town many many epic builds and an awesome community to greet you welcome

big picture post coming soon keep an eye out guys if it is allowed @james

keep everything aqua boys and girls :sunglasses:

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message from the ultima aqua hub inc (EU) team:
Ultima Aqua Hub Inc. is progressing at amazing speed. Soon our trade mark Ultima aqua hubs will be opened to public. City is getting larger and larger, first shop is opened in the hub area. Everyone is welcome :smiley: