Aquatopia¸.·´¯·.´¯·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸><(((º>We got water


aquatopian update :
@Hashmalash and his crew got the ultima aqua hub system up and running
i would do a reach out to the aquatopian people if ya got some spare oort laying around please help hash him and his crew have been working there buts off only the way hash and his crew can to provide our empire with a really cool and epic (dont forget organizial) hubz
also special shoutout to @riley and his gf two epic people that play a big part in creating this awesome network :smile:

@PharaohNai has posted his egyptian themed project in the discord and it looks epic please have a look our maybe he dont mind posting it here for the forum peeps

a thank you to the people off the embasy
the roof off the market is finished (aquatopian glyph see screenshot below)
especially @Dunedragon @iGoofy @142857 as main donators

shout out to all the epic people in boundless
the votes are over and our researchers had there studie on it and decide people are positive about the game the epic is high in this comunity :slight_smile:

we now have plenty shops up and running also lots off great stores around town decent foodshop and the @OmniUno shop (omnishop) is up and running the way only omni can please use his website to see all his prices our his gazilion posts forum page :smile:
@Buugi is working on a chiselshop but please dont go there they all mine hahaha joking go there first he offers shopstands so ya can start your own :wink:

thank you
to everybody ingame all ive seen is love and peace atm
and it feels good

our proud aquatopian logo smack in the middle on the embasy market
and a slightly bigger hub lol @Lawrizze and @Hashmalash
aqua without hub is like aqua without water :joy:

sorry for the messy update but ive was short on times need go party on beckon :smile:

this one is for riley :joy:


All your hub is belong to me! Mehehehe


Thank picture of the city is awesome! It makes me want to build faster for the next one.

That is the kind of avatar I want.


avatar%20templateheres template :grinning:


Holy molly! The view from above is amazing!! :tired_face:


i love how cramped it is on that circle next to hub lol
squares dont fit on circles hahaha


forgot to mention @142857 and @Kirinvar epic project and portal that can be reached by using the purple waterbridge at embasy market
also founder totems for sale at the portal and a oort requestbasket that pays well :smile: please go see it it looks so epic and beatifull gonna be a master piece for sure :smile: with those two no suprise there :joy:


On the other side of the portal is our little village, capital city of Biitula, if someone wants to settle on a T3 planet, we have lots of free space, the location is simple amazing.
I’m continuously extending the roads.


I will settle there once i have my alt character for sure!


Big Post coming next week
the hole crew is in hoarder mode atm
and dune probably hit endgame tomorrow :joy:
heres a quick update from the EU section

and an epic screenshot off the embassy
and the aqualogo roof on the market :wink:

go near the logo and find omnishop if ya here firstday :rofl:


More updates coming soon i was away for a week and came back to a Town
congratz people EEEPPIIICCC :sunglasses: im holding a competition so we can create a uniform road network

offcoarse we not gonna ask to change everything just make life easyer
heres a new update on the ultima aqua hub network shops and portals

ps:all relevant aquatopian newz will be retagged on this page so keep an eye out for more newz :wink:

greetZZZ The Aquacrew

ow BIG shoutout to @Jiivita
epic video as always
if ya havent seen it yet here it is :smile:


Very nice, And the music is awesome :rofl: I actually thought that the guild symbol was representing a water fountain where the water flows through eternal cascades.


PS4 players join our discord and get replys on all your questions fast also learn tips and tricks use recipe bots check resource locations etc
also we no guild no rulez just a colection off people and comuntys with hubs shops and citys and planet soon :sunglasses:

check top off this page to learn about our epic annouced plans
check later for our secret plans :wink:


if any PS4player need helps use our discord our go to planet beckon and use shout in chat and shoot ya questions :smiley:
we a community off helpful players not a guild so this discord doesnt involve any commitment

PS4 player tip:
you can put discord on ya phone and use the discord voice chat to talk to eachother while playing no need for a mike our headset :smile:


We have many players who have years of experience from the game. We are kind and help you with your questions! Dont be shy.


Bump Bump! :smiley:


All new players just have to visit Aquatopia and Ultima Aqua hub :smiley:
i bet they will love it :smiley:





i try to get the signs to add the organized hunts
keepp ya eye out for them they fun smaller groups work pretty well for hunting more xp and more fun :smile: