Aquatopia¸.·´¯·.´¯·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸><(((º>We got water


Embrace it. I Shout Viva Aquatopia every-time some one says something about Vegas.



I called my settlement Flowerpower:joy:


join now many handy functions
voice channels
discussion channels
new player support
@willcrutchley pandabot that shows recipes on demand and many more functions
hunt notifications
lots off great people
order request page
portal request page
and much more join now


Aquatopians like themeparks alot so we starting a minigame city
called :not decided yet
we need
-road builders (good footfall from themepark visitors)
-stuff to look at and say wowzy
-people to run this city

we starting off with a spleef arena that will be run with our eventplanner in the aquatopian discord

if you are interested in this project join our discord our contact me here @the-moebius


the huntomatic will be reworked into a portal to our hunterlodge
also completly supported by our discord eventbot
hunts like ya never seen before
the hunter lodge will have many signs to write storys and award epic warriors
read tips and information
people interested in lending a hand in leading hunts our building a cool hunterlodge contact @Pugnacious @Lord-Proteus

The discord got a mayor cleanup
and now we introduced a leveling and rep system for helpfull players
fun minigames
the eventplanner lets you join and see info on events in one click
we got the pandabot telling all the boundless info on command
we also got friended guilds offering contracts our cool projects
trading channel
all the requestchannels for portals in the aquatopian hub system
more intel coming soon on that from @Hashmalash

theres so much more going on that i can ever tell you guys
just come have a look



I’m building a giant pig in aquatopia does that count? Lol


What do you mean by “Theme Park” exactly?


yep can it be moved to the themepark :rofl:


its like a city butt all the builds are a minigame slide maze spleef etc
like a real themepark


Where shall I move it to? Haha


Oh I can help with that, I have this on my CV i suppose :joy:

Message me if you want some ideas!


def need to go find that pig lol


If you want I can definitely break it down to move it lol. It’s not complete just yet so tearing it down and rebuilding wouldn’t be that bad


Aquatopian Embassy street poll competition
winner gets 40k coins :grin:

to see the entrys check this post:

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@Stretchious i cant change my post title like i used to do any reason for this?

Take a screenshot win 40000 coins(sunday vote time)

might have to do something with this?


weird i been around longtime and it always worked is this something recent?


Discourse assigns some privileges automatically, if you haven’t had enough posts etc you lose some. Not sure it’s about that, but might be :slight_smile:


might be forum been to flooded to really put the effort into long big posts like i did before it hurts me seeing it drop to bottom off page in 10 minutes after all the work i put in really thinking about a website our alternative for aquatopia


last day to vote
scroll up to find the poll
@Lawrizze can ya repost this on aqua discord my pc wont be back until next week :smile:


Mainly voted for @neuralnet84 because his road will eat up all those extra stone furnace bits over time!


been super busy but i def keep in touch thx for the help the other day