Aquatopia¸.·´¯·.´¯·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸><(((º>We got water


No worries mate, any time :slight_smile:


Which part? Last day? :slight_smile:


Is it closed? Did I already vote? I can see the results, but not vote =P

I like the swede one best


theres a new vote on final road

there ya can vote for swede :slight_smile:


Yow heres Aquatopias latest project Temple off the universe

so me and andy build a massive temple that functions as public library with help off friendly aquatopians we will buy and sell locations(for 1coin our less) plus store them in the great public library
also on the spot we have installed a labo and telescope to study the stars

for the people that say meh public
i got a area protected to build a awesome market off the world
where i allow only atlas sellers and sellers off locations
this could be far away mining spots our like where to find them
anything is possible if you wonna help me please be super creative
you could sell tokens like for people to find anything plants etc
our someone comes by and asks for river mountains and a cave location with no beacons around im sure they happily pay you alot off coin

anybody liking this interactive build join our discord
and use the temple off universe page to share thoughts
theres so many posibilitys even new professions

maybe a homebuilder wonna set up a booth im down with it :smiley:

for building mats im pretty much covered to develop the entire place only thing missing is a bunch off shopstands for public library

Also atlas selling people contact me maybe we can work together and create a shop with full atlas stock together

Pretty soon there be a post about the building off aquatopia keep ya eyes open people gonna be pretty epic

everything is reachable at infocenter (aquatopian embassy hub beckon) only one place to find it all dont forget to play dunes minigame and visit the aquapalooza gametown we got a fully usable 4player spleef arena jump puzzle maze and megaslide 3000 its all wip but we got timez we not going anywhere

click here for our discord

Wonna learn some history and see some aquatopia previous build videos scroll to the top off the page


Great newz for some reason i lost ability to use this post but today i became a regular poster again and can now continue to update here and change the title’s to fit
So excited
and boy i got lots to add :grin:


Yay! Maybe private planets will be here by Christmas so the true Aquatopia can be built :slight_smile:


aquarius is public world nothing private about it :smile:


For those who remember we doing a heavy rebuild off the aquatopian embassy hub moebius plaza style with a few new tricks that gonna be explained soon
i open up the hub together with the arte intera crew(aqua creator faction) so all portal owners now instead off facing a wall our being portal number 15 in a row all get a portal facing a open plaza
on magnificient portal stages
also hosting hub portals to the starlight guardians and the Ilegend people /PS /morning wood and a ton more i forgot :thinking:
and the ultima aquarius network offcoarse
special custom portal directly into the world hub @Hashmalash rulz
are you close to beckon this be the place to be for you if you dont wanna get lost in a sea off portals

also doing this cause i remember @james looking for the moebius plaza on release week :joy: no worry james theirs a insanely huge moebius plaza planned in the futur and we got a spot reserved for you :sunglasses:

i do a nice update with pictures soon when we reveal our trick up the sleave to make this place even more epic and visited

video off today’s activity

only for people who like footfall :+1:
ow and shoutout to starlight crew and Ilegend for being so freaking epic
and offcoarse our shop owners for the longtime loyalty (request epic spots while it last)

ow olmost forgot to add @Buugi helped aswell :thinking:


Thankfully you just almost forgot


Aqua is looking amazing these days.


Redecorated the tower to fly the colors.


I finished rebuilding the full version of my home.


Looks nice. Also you can see it now from the hub heh :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes if only there were a nice tree next door. :thinking:


Yeap. I had to ditche that thing. Mainly cause of plots >.< . I promise you ill work some nice tree front of your house so no one sees it. :rofl:


finally we got the first part off aquatopia
aqua lol
for those who wonna test it im selling it at 25C a piece on the embassy hub

if ya mail me i can refund ya its just a price so the greedy dont grab all


hm was gone under a minute
water selling good atm i guess lol
if ya need some just contact me on discord
and i drop ya a few :+1:
dont forget if ya dont have the tool to undo beware off placing it :wink: