AQUAZINE - Boundless’ first newspaper. Help out! fun articles!


if you like this sort off thing feel free to join the aquazine channel in aquatopia discord
and post news reports and suchs

sorry @virresss @SePras for the bad font on portalseeker article it will be solved in next issue :smile:
i use paint give some credits lolz :smile:

Public Mine Near Aqua
Latest Patch going to live servers?

Did you mean ‘hear ye’? :joy:


yeah lol why did you not change it yet :joy:


Very cool. I hope you do more issues. Also i’d like a plot there one day :smiley:


i probably will :smile: its fun making those


Come come and plot to your harts content all are welcome here in Aquatopia


Nice newspaper! Can anyone submit articles? Do you you use canva to make your newspaper?


i do all my stuff in regular paint lol
the newspaper has an section in aqua discord to submit articles
then i have a place to get them for next one i make :smile:
would be cool if head lines actually have second pages with the articles :smile:


I’m impressed you made it in paint. You should try next time. I use it for work and it is pretty smooth and easy to use. This is a really cool idea. I’m glad you made it.


@Sharkysaur has taken time to write this article for aquazine explaining
all about the recent portal seeker competition
give many likes they all go to sharkysaur for the awesome work :heart_eyes:

we still open for anybody who wants to write articles they can be deposit in the aquazine channel on aquatopia discord small our big we love it al :grin:


would be cool if me and sharkysaur could go put these in ingame mailboxes :wink:


the AQUAZINE research team has discoverd a promising artist amongst us
all credits goes to @boundmore
aquatopia still recruiting people to help out also in need for ilustrator :wink:


while we wait for new release
we show you preview off the new where is oorto book series


im reviving this again and also looking for people to help me out
i can do it butt i need people to help out with better writing skill then me our some off those people who are just as bad at paint(photoshop) as me
anything goes
i dont really have rulez so share thoughts on how it should be done
do we just post articles when we feel like it our you guys prefer it in a magazine format

  • post articles here freely
  • collect articles and put in magazine format

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ow we also got a place to submit articles in our discord if you want them to be included in an issue rather then expose it instantly


Woohoo, we’ll finally have a magazine again. The Oortian Foundation will publish all of your magazines on our website to help immortalize them.


Im planning a community event around new years eve will try to get an articla about mid desember.

Thisnis awsome!!!


No bad news in there?


if there is bad newz its probably to trick you and say is good newz :smiley:
and im propants but aquazine is neutral for those who care


thx man so happy i got some interest
yesterday the first article arrived in the mailbox off the redaction
ps:dont know english word for redaction means mailteam :smile:


I like your idea and cheer you on!

I’m trying to think of something to contribute.

Will you have a section for “build of the month” you can have players vote? To select each month. Interview the builder?

Maybe a section for cities looking for more citizens?

News of new guilds? Report on activities of old guilds?

I hope you like to write a lot or have a staff of reporters.