AQUAZINE - Boundless’ first newspaper. Help out! fun articles!


You should probably pencil in a section for PS competition of the month, they look like they’re getting up to speed and getting ready to keep these coming!

Could even be a “last comp winners, current builds, whats coming next” layout so you can keep track!


yeah im not that pro at moment is fun project for me so promising to do it monthly i wont at moment but if interest grows i look into maybe a template that takes less work to fill in with articles
build off month etc i could become a thing

i def love the idea
i will keep doing it just gotta stay fun not jobby lol


i asked simoyd to ask around in there guild for article writer for the competition :wink:


yeah we can probably write something up


Testing some options :grin:


can anybody tell me if they get adverts our see watermark if they open this cause i cant need to know cause this is free version off the soft


I don’t see any ads or watermarks. They do have their name at the bottom right of the screen and at the back of the last page - but nothing really intrusive.



its seem pretty useful for this project i go look deeper into the inner workings
cause seems to good to be true lol
seems usable its limited to 1gigabyte
it can include video
another question are the small tekst readable in the sample our does it need be bigger
@Oggieogham im on to something if i get this defualt in order i might get these made fast



EDIT: sry seems like you are already good xD anyways if you need a second eye on your results just ask me, its always fun for me to look at this stuff and give feedback.

Hello @the-moebius i am a graphic designer and if you like to collab with me i guess i could make the overall graphics of your zine more appealing and consistent over the coming issues for you and the community :smiley: (you just have to deliver the texts and images that you whish to be in it, and communicate to me the feel that you hope to achieve in it and i can tinker something up)

Ps: only thing that i hope for in return are some minor in game delicious treats (like a nice set of tools or so) xD


Bad News: Footfall nerfed! Lower players! Add it