Aquazine "WE NEED YOU" (vote poll whats your favourite planet?)


hey guys its the redaction off aquazine here
myself and freelancer @Sharkysaur please submit our give ideas on what should be on next issue**
also people who wonna advertise there guild are welcome @MrGamer117 :wink: :wink:
also posting a screenshot and a small explanation can be added we are super flexible

some beginner tips (will also be added to aquatopia new player
information center)

fanart will always be used :smile:

maybe some hack time with @willcrutchley an exclusive preview off an notingame item :joy:

we allow advertisement off usefull sites :wink: @Stretchious

submit your discord for my discord list

show off ya home ya build and be imortalized in issue number two

any article info our art can also be submitted on aquatopia’s aquazine discord page

**this is my fun project so no deadlines on my side so they are sorta monthly :smile:

hm cant make the poll for some reason


ok, here

  • Solum
  • Therka
  • Munteen
  • Elopor
  • Berlyn
  • Andoweem
  • Alturnik
  • Vena V
  • Vulpto
  • Septerfon
  • Nasharil
  • Epsilo

0 voters


oh, I only get to choose from these? ok, Nasharil by far for looks.
Munteen for the livable atmosphere.
but my favourites are truly the ones on testing :stuck_out_tongue: