Are caves not regenerating ore?


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The ore/gems placement in chunks is random (provided some strict rules like depth or height of stones and soils above, and overall count of given resource per planet). If a block has 1% chance of having an ore/gem in it, mining it does not make the chance to be lower. Probability does not work this way.


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Resolve issues with surface-resources not being regenerated if “only” surface resources were harvested in a chunk, without making any other modifications. This also resolves some other more edge-case issues where you could similarly stop resources (whether embedded in rock, or surface resources) from regenerating if using a regeneration bomb to fully regenerate a chunk, or if plotting areas of a chunk where only surface-resources had been removed and later unplotting once the rest of the chunk had regenerated. The world data will be migrated in a such a way that any chunks that already experienced the problem will get their surface resources regenerated shortly without further user interaction. Devs patch notes!


I think the point is that once mined the block that replaces the mined block over time has a percentage chance of being a resource. Since only the resources were mined in the first place, each time the blocks are regenerated the odds are that less and less of the blocks on the surface of the cave will have resources.


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I wasn’t bringing this to a political point. I didn’t state my allegiance, it was an example of a working system that was employed in the same manner that was to be disproved. If anything, this was more of a broadening of the scope given the information provided. Either way, I am still confused about the train of thought, and would like clarification.


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Well, I would say that it doesn’t make sense as far as your numbers. Could you dive into the code and determine that it’s a 1% chance? Do you have a source or any information about how this occurs? I’m not really finding a connection between reality and these claims, but again, as with Seth, I respect your opinion and will acknowledge that it is a valid.


This seems to tie into what trizer said above. I’m curious as to what the dev’s thoughts are on this @Steggs101 @lucadeltodecso


Agreed, I get attacked and literally an hour later a patch comes out proving me correct. :confused: Shame and I can’t even name them cus the devs yell at me for doing it.


I’m not sure if regeneration of a chunk works this way. I suspect that missing chunk blocks are regenerated, superfluous are removed, and then ore/gems is inserted into the chunk (not only the regenerated blocks). And my suspicion is based on what devs said, that it’s two step process: firs regenerate blocks, then resource regeneration.


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If the resources are distributed normally across all blocks then the result would be biased towards cleaning out the caves. Imagine mining all the ore in a cave and then leaving, if the chunk regenerates the resources the odds are definitely in favor of all that ore being distributed elsewhere.


I always suspected that because voxel generation occurs with player interaction that the block behind, and adjacent blocks, undergo a check based off of current resource allocation and (completely unverified or tested) player luck. It may be that they somehow place the resources in an XYZ location prior to the exposure of any other face, but that means, by my understanding, that there would have to be another check versus a master sheet of some randomly generated numbers and would more than likely be a more resource intensive means of accomplishing the same thing. Also, predetermined value would really prevent any actual adjustment on the fly based on population counts.


There was a dot instead of comma in my post, read it again please after my edit. I never intended to state that something has a 1%.

I got my suspicious based on bits and pieces of information from devs, and my experience in writing a code that try to do stuff in generic manner instead of taking care of many special cases. And doing map -> reduce on array of blocks to insert resource, after blocks are regenerated makes more sense, and is easier to write and then read, than an algorithm that checks only regenerated blocks and check if it hasn’t already had resource. Keeping information about whether did block had a resource before being mined is additional data that can be expensive to keep, because you have to do it for every block in planet, and as I wrote, there are easier ways to have a uniform, random ore distribution in given chunk, without keeping all the additional data.


I don’t understand, to be honest. Maybe it’s my inclination towards my own methodology, but the check and double check method seems like it would eat up server side processing power given the player population and the sheer number of voxel generation that occurs from basic interaction. In my understanding it is a mesh, and as that mesh bends and folds, it is then determined what is “behind” it.


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