[Argoob] --[Fierce Corrosive Exoworld]--

I’ll tell ya what, you are really missing out if you don’t take some time to go for the amethyst and emerald here. GREAT spots!!! :slight_smile: Really loading up on all sorts of stuff going for them.


Only thing I don’t like about this new format @Gorillastomp is missing the Tier # from the topic title like in the past. Now because I haven’t and cannot seem to memorize the terminology, I have to click in to the thread just to see its tier number.

Is there glacier here?
Or gladeflower?

Gladflower @DKPuncherello

-10N -1436E. Alt 142

Ooo can you grab me a few if you’re still there?

no problem, how much?

how many you want **

Sorry - just 2 or 3 is fine :blush:

np, I took 36 I give them to you when I see you online

The amethyst mines were much appreciated paka!! Got quite a bit plus tons of metal, fossils, and coal!

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Excellent, happy they could help!! :smiley: I’m enjoying doing this on the exos, it is really fun to see what each one is good for as they pop and find great spots for everyone!

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