Arie unplayable?

Is anyone else having problems on arie? My ping Is 42-58ms and my internet seems otherwise stable but I’m constantly getting unstable connections and disconnecting on arie.

What does your Network Histogram and Network Latecy graphs look like? Please connect to the world and collect a few minutes worth of data and share a couple of screenshots.

Might need a bit more guidance on how to get those lol. I’m on PS4 if it helps.

I have noticed something odd, it seems particularly bad when forging. Not sure if that’s because it needs more network communication but running around and going through portals on arie doesn’t cause anywhere near the lag

I have the same problems since weeks and only on arie but it’s up to my provider(vodafone cable) because a vpn makes it much better and even reduces the ping which makes absolutely no sense otherwise
edit: of course it’s running absolut well right now and can’t screenshot it :tired_face:
but maybe it still helps
with vpn:


@james me @damagekai & a few others are all experiencing the same lag issues. All on PS4 I believe

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