Armor and defence

In many games armour reduces damage. I think it would be cool if armor would reduce the chance of getting hit directly. But the more protection the more weight which reduces your moving-, mining- and attackingspeed. It also depends on the material. For example: Iron is heavy but it is hard to pierce through it with an arrow or a spear or any weapon. You can also increase or decrease the weight by using more or less material which effects the protection too. Shields are a good protection too but they can be very heavy. Another way of protecting yourself is blocking with your weapon but you cant block everything. For example: You can’t block a Warhammer with a dagger. Another way of protecting yourself is keeping your opponent away with a spear or a ranged weapon. The last thing is that your helmet effects your chance of hitting your aim with a ranged weapon.

I think that would be a cool system. Please let me know about your opinion.


The biggest problem I see that this kind of armor system would face is that you are relying on two things; Luck and attack speed.

Luck because if there is a chance that you may block damage, then the combat boils down to who gets lucky and scores their hit and who does not. If a player get’s three or more blocks in a row it can severely change the outcome of the fight regardless of the skill of the players involved.

Of course the way to overcome high block chances is to bombard your opponent with endless streams of attacks. In a fight between a heavily armored player and a noob with no armor but a really fast attack, the noob may kill their opponent in either a few lucky strikes or a rapid onslaught of attacks. To have a chance at defending themselves, the armored opponent would have to ditch weight to increase attack speed to have a chance of killing their opponent first. This completely negates the usefulness of armor in the first place.

This conflict of chance vs. speed blurs the line between skilled players and lucky players. The most common fix is to let the armor effect always happen but only block a percent of damage based on it’s weight class, or classical armor mechanics as we know them.

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I like the idea of armor just denying hits, although for realism sake It would make sense if it just reduced damage to a very very small amount. Getting hit with a sword when you have armor still hurts, even if you aren’t cut. Also Armor should definitely have mobility tradeoffs- that’s a must. MC combat was so terrible because everyone just wore the same armor and ran quickly after each other. There was no way to escape people even if you weren’t wearing armor.
Definitely in favor of these mechanics going into defense.

But consider if you could actually aim your attacks to hit chinks in the armor etc. I think a system like that would be very cool- Better armor has smaller/fewer flaws. Attack aiming might be hard to implement though.

"When you think of, or read about a cool feature that could be included in Oort Online think about how we, a 20-ish person team, could deliver it. What techniques or shortcuts could we use to deliver it whilst retaining the feeling of the original suggestion?" -Ben

Rather than making the idea become more and more complex for the devs, we should all try thinking of a more simple yet efficient idea.

On Topic:
This sounds too much like 2007 Runescape combat, besides the aiming and everything. Making defence luck based and adding speed reduction to metal armor would make me abandon heavy armor all together. I would rather be the mage or archer that can kite a warrior rather than slowly move towards my enemy. If this idea does pass, I’d like it to only affect combat, reducing your speed in mining and everything else makes it more like real life rather than fantasy.


Those are good points! I’m always trying to think of ways that some ideas could benefit/ fit into the game, and things get a little too complex sometimes. Do you think having aiming in combat is too complex? I certainly like the idea of being able to crit a player if you hit them in a weak spot, but would that be something the devs could do?

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Well yeah I imagine stuff like headshot crits would be a simple enough feature. Keep it simple!

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I would like to have armor for reducing damage only. On this way the combat will be more skill based and loses a bit of it randomnes. Different is my opinion on shields. They could be a % on blocking instead of just a bonus on armor. On this way player can chose to use a blocking chance or to go full on damage.