Armor reality 🎮

(Idk if this is already a post but ) how would everyone feel about Armor weight affecting body movement and fall speed, damage from falling and whatnot?

Would you guys find it annoying to die via drowning because your armor was too heavy? Having to enchant your armor all the time just to not take heavy fall damage? Or having to always adjust jumping/momentum when obtaining new armor?

Since we will have various body types in the game that will be an advantage or disadvantage in certian situations, would yall be down for the extra depth or consider it too much of a headache to bother with?


I rather like the idea about heavy armor affecting you in speed, fall damage and ability to swim. That should of course mean that they provide better protection than others or something in that direction.

It’s not MC^^

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Well not that sense i was pressed for time :joy: i mean like fusing armor with other metals to make it a " xxxx" type weight of what you desired ( assuming it would be the same as how we will create unique weapons)


I kinda like how runescape approaches it imo. The weight of your armor doesn’t affect your movement speed, but instead it affects how far you can run before you’re out of stamina.

It rings a bell but I can’t quite remember that part of the game^^ Although I played it for years.
But yes that would be a good approach.

That would be good, but if they go in the way of how they presented character body types, most would pick the longest stamina based body type😮

Why should they? Stamina body types surely have other “debuffs”. Debuff meaning not as good as the average of all types.
So it doesn’t necessarily give you any advantage.

Hoping that they won’t do that :x. I tend to like making my characters look bulky/chubby. Adding more realistic features such as the body types determining your stamina(or how fast it drains) would force me to choose that certain body type for that certain play style.

Tru, so would you be okay with using a fast but low stamina character if using your best armor reduced your stamina and speed?

Well im going based on pre alpha body types they showed last year, the smaller characters were fast but drained stamina fast, regular had normal all around and tall character was slow but had long stamina,

Hoping @ben can confirm if this is the path they are still going :eyes:

I’m more with Nyuudles on this one. I wouldn’t like the body type to affect the stats. Because I don’t focus on a particular play style^^ On that note, “best” armor would change too, depending on what I want to play as at the moment.

On the other hand would it be interesting to see a big and bulky character and you could be almost certain that he wouldn’t be an assassin^^

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I thought they trashed that idea due to some complications?


They did^^

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Yeah quite sure they did that. There is going to be some stats attached to races if I remember correctly.

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Thats why i said armor being weighted, which at the start it could weight heavy, but your bulky character could be the greatest assassin with some tweaks to their armor, could bring out a lot of psudo class types :smiley:

Maybe but only if the body types have no effect on the stats^^ Else you couldn’t be as good as an assassine as a smaller, more slender character.

Yes, I remember in their vid that they had an idea of giving a “bird” race take less falling damage If I remember correctly.

In short, I’d like character customization to not be one of the major aspects that determines my character’s abilities (in terms of changing its body mass). Race and height probably, but no more than that.

For armor, if the devs were to add this, I’d like for it to only affect my stamina. Since again, I’d like to make my character look cool with “metal armor” than being forced to wear “leather armor” because it’s more lighter for my character to walk in.

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Your thinking too blunt, as it wouldint turn you into a rock just by throwing some metal armor i dont think XD, it would minor but noticable , but im talking about armor above the usual norm then metal or stone and etc

I see it as more of a annoyance.

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