Armors and resistance not work?

Hi itest armors and resistence my char have all armors 5/5 resistance same and epic defense and epic life 6030 Hp now :slight_smile: i attack stout spiter and this mob hit me per 90 shot in aoe 5x i test strong mobs and i die insta this mob hit me per 1800+ 4x in 2sec charge me and die :slight_smile: .next i this sklil reset a go back and hahahahah dmg is same ±20 points its normal ???i play solo and i havent chance survived on inhospitable kill me total easy .and when i test with max defense lvl 5 planet i die faster than i see where is mob hahahahha
really armors res work right?

Weird, armor works for me anything below mighty does not even land a hit on me. Resistance seems useless to me though, I am not lucky enough to get that to work.

armor should work fine (did when i tested it),resistance however is only a chance (25% at 5/5) to take 0 dmg from an attack and tbh only really worth it if you get the protection epic (which is debatable vs the x3 dmg epic unless playing a tank spec)

hi today i go t5 planets test hunt stronh and mighty spitters i have all deff sklil and now when mighty spitter shot huge aoe spreed bombs each one hit me per 1800 omg!!! same others mobs this is insta kill no chance any react on this but when mob with orange healt have 120k hp and titanium bombs doing 0 dmg and gold fist maxed skill resist 50/50 is ok ? this mobs kill me same fast without any armors as with maxed armors this si total unbalanced. and when i see ppls at meteor lvl3 with gems equip how die insta on huge GUIDED aoe attack i must laugh nothing here help ■■■ u die no chance use heal potion or any mobs use guided missile lasers aoe spreeds attack and when with full defense skill i die in 1sec hahahahhahaha UNBALANCED AND UNPLAYABLE