Art: Ambient Creature Concepts (by an amateur saying hi as well)


For some reason I absolutely adore the second screenshot - the screen swamp … to me it aoppeals like a very bright valley wich has recently filled with water and the bubbles and Foam Bugs are floating around. The lighting is so fantastic in this picture - a breathable underwater world. Like a bad dream of drowning underwater but still breathing (or snoring) in ones sleep.
Also the first example with the sparkling ants - sparkle-bugs? Very nice.


That’s so nice of you! Foam bugs were our team’s personal favourite as well! You can’t go wrong with bubbles! :blush:


I just had a closer look at the last screenshot on a bigger screen and it looks like those bugs are a cross between a beetle, a scorpion and a raspberry pi camera!

I think they’re my new favourite! :smiley:


Collect 1 of each and get a reward (a gummy worm).

Put the glowing one in a glass-tube and get a living lamp, more bugs for brighter light.


They look pretty derpy, I like them too. Anything that looks remotely silly I love :laughing: