Art: Fish concepts and model


I love the idea of fishing, spear fishing sounds great and taking the foliage and making nets would be great also.

On fish that bite, not unless we have boats. There is more water than land and I would like for those who go have the fish have teeth and bite think of that when you are swimming and one of those biting fish start to nibble, drain your health and you die from it.
Not something that I want to deal with while I am swimming along trying to get to a area that has some goodies that I desperately need.

Would love to see some large fish, but I am guessing that would take up a lot of programing or whatever and so not feasible. Schools of small fish would be nice, bright, flashy ones to look pretty. Then the ones we can catch and eat medium and some slightly larger that could be cooked for a meal. Would be nice if it could be cooked on a campfire, picture a group on a beach, standing and drinking a brew and the fish frying on a campfire. A nice image of friends getting together or even players for a greet and meet type event.

So, what ones do I like? The one that looks like a seahorse, one that looks like a manta or stingray would be really nice. Something somewhat like a lion fish, that looks like barbs all over it but not dangerous, just silly.

Some bright colors would be nice to be looking for while you are swimming and looking for mats under the water. Ones that look as if they are made of glass and you can see their “bones” in their bodies (I think fish have cartilage, not bones, not positive though).

As for loving someone, if you give us fish, if you make some pretty and colorful, and especially a seahorse and either stingray or manta, You will win my love forever, LOL.

Love ya anyhow for trying to get fish in, if you can, you guys and gals are AWESOME ! ! ! If, not. well, thanks for the effort.


OMG!!! Where is this content!!! I WANT IT!! … why do you tease me so!! :sob: