Art: Ladder/Climbable surface concept

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There are grips specifically for bouldering? Whaaat!
I need to do more research ^_^"


Got it. I’d still like an option that looks like a ladder in addition to some of the others.


Well when people do there builds it would be nice to have ladders and stairs for people to use. Not everyone will have the resource to have or make a grapple. The grapple is not taking the place of ladders it is just yet another tool to use.


I need and want that so bad :smiley: make it a top priority if you can :wink:


looking goodz is funny you do not have a normal one haha
liking it alot btw is their a way to include a free hanging rope
for treehouses :smile:


but this is from Dec 2015 but I do hope they are still working on it <3


Yes, please!!!

cat pretty please


Can we also get a rope to slide down fast??


Whats the state of these ?




Yea I hope they are rdy for release xD


:ADDERS??? Where the heck hav ei been??? err, oh yeh… homeless… but this OP was from 2015??? LADDERS!!! DO IT! DO IT NOW!


hell big fa yes to ladders!!!


@Steggs101 Can you confirm that they are working on them or if they are ready for release? if you are allowed to talk about it that is :slight_smile: <3


Yes Yess Yesss that would be awesome .


Is this project already dead?
Dont think i wait for anything more than ladders


I could see this as a notch chisel… notch a couple spot here… notch a spot there presto blame ladder!! Love the art work though…


I would expect a ladder in Boundless to be placeable like doors are. You know, against another block, so you can basically place them in 4 different positions inside an empty block space.

Anyway, I don’t understand why we don’t have ladders already, why we even got an Oortmas event with snowmen and decorated trees before something as basic as ladders. We don’t even need more than one style to begin with.


Very nice artwork! Thank you!!!

I personally, kinda like how some of them can stack side by side to form fences. Sorta eliminates two birds with one stone! Right now, I use spark coils for railings/fences. Which works AMAZING for more sci-fi-ish builds. But looks a bit weird on log home builds.

Your thoughts?


Please don’t be dead. Ladders would be great in the game!