Art: Machine concepts (extractor)

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I am here again.

With more concepts! The extractor machine!

**edit: Added extra roiw


These are awesome! I really like all the sound effects too haha.

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looks super cool too!

By the way, feel free to add some information about what these machines should roughly do :wink:
if this is already a fix task for this item, people would probably welcome to know it! :smile:

Edit: Should there be numbers to vote for?

These are all so cool I can hardly come up with a coherent comment because I’m losing my mind with how awesome they are.

That said, row 2 column 1 makes me lose my mind (with glee) the most.


Wonngg wonngg is def my favorite sound for these, but least compelling visual :stuck_out_tongue:

The ones that have more open interiors (2, 4, 8) feel better IMO. 3 I’m unsure about. The energy veins are awesome

2 is really unique, and feels the most “Oorty”, but seems like something too advanced for us players to build ourselves

I really like 7 - it reminds me a lot of a 3d printer (and might be better for a different machine?

However, if I had to choose, I’d pick the last one. It looks like if can thoroughly extract things, and even has a bucket to catch debris. The opening at the bottom is also a cool touch


I also think that 2 looks the most “Boundlessly” :smile:
2&8/11 have the best design imo.

Is the extractor not part of the machine system? Because I don´t see any joints for the pipes from your first post on most of them.

I found out that pipes don’t in fact connect to these main machine parts. Only to the power core which is a separate thing!

Also I’ll be adding the numbers in a sec. Just doing some last minute extras.

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I take back everything I’ve said above. 11! Gimmie!

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Another vote for 11

11, and 2.

2 and 11 for sure!

Looks like it has an infinity stone in it. Is boundless part of the MU? :slight_smile:

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Thanos is clearly one of the Oort

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5 and 11 are great

And the grappling hook?.. Obviously we play as Spiderman!

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These look awesome! I can’t decide which one I like the most out of 5, 7 and 11 though!

I would say 11 and 2 too

I love 2, 10 and 11 , nice futuristic design overall :wink:

2, 5, 6 and 7 is the best looking in my opinion

Looks awesome! Love 10 & 11.