Art of Development

It’s only been a few days and already I’m starting to see this forum like this;

^The Oort Online development process

Thread by thread-thread-thread…
Gotta keep in mind our pacing…
Fussing on the details…
Making something perfect to inspire…

Let’s try and go easy on the devs a little!

Bah, lets bury em in ideas and opinions and let them figure it out! I trust em enough to make a game we can all find something to appreciate!

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All the threads are super valuable. When we’re thinking about new features we’re always looking for evidence to help support or better focus the development. The forums often give an excellent temperature gauge. Please keep it coming.


^^ @james posted on the weekend!
The Devs are as passionate about their job as we are about their game!
Case in point to the trust I give them!

Please look mine suggestion about crafting, just for knowing you opinión