Art: Race and wearable variations


These look absolutely stunning!! I LOVE the wood, stone, and leaf designs so much! I really hope that these things will be able to cover more of the body. I don’t know what the ideas are for the armor at the moment, but I like these a lot for armor designs if they covered more of the body.


Just thought of it, so does that mean for example, you could have multiple different looks gives the same stat? or will it be a sort of ‘‘this one gear gives this stat, if you dont like the look you just have to deal with it’’ for example if you have a leg item that just makes your entire character look so ugly because it doesnt match? im still having a bit of a hard time visualizing the system tbh :confused:


Wearables is starting to get pretty confusing :cry:


I think (for what I understood) that it will be like you think it would work. If it is on that way I just hope that there will be a way to change the look of an item to another one. Doesn’t have to be a 1.0 feature, but it’s quite high on my wish list. It should be done through crafting :wink:


Will we have vanity armor slots? For example if we really like the perks of one set but like the look of another set, equip the more appealing set in vanity and that set will be visible?


Unless the sets are made of the same material, I think that goes against their goal for armor identity.

I think what they are going for is a way to tell what kind of perks a player gets based on the material their armor is made from. That armor could have many looks or colors, but for example all stone sets have the same bonus regardless of style. If you like the benifits of stone armor but want the look of wood armor, you may have to settle for a wood colored stone armor.


So I don’t think we will be able to change the look of an item to that of another one.


The point of that is: you shouldn’t need to! The system should be designed in a way that you don’t need inelegant solutions like transmogs!


Definitely, and I totally agree with your opinion on this topic.
Transmogging was one of the things that killed WoW for me.


Allowing players a choice is never bad, everybody have a different taste, so you are either left in the solution

A) have certain items with certain stats, players who wants the stats have to use the item even if they hate the way it looks

B) allow the player to chose any visual item for a certain stat.

it seems like you are going with A, while trying to sort of blur the fact that it works like that and the statements/ideas seems to contradict eachother constantly. i might just be too dumb to understand, but you seem to say ‘‘we want a system that allows player freedom in look, however players will have to use certain looks for certain stats, but still, freedom!’’

i still cant understand why anybody would be against allowing the player to use the look from any piece of gear he has found or encourage him to find a new one… its just… right, nevermind, this system still makes no sense to me.

‘‘we want them to be unique, but we want to limit how unique they can be’’

‘‘Gear is tied to customization’’

‘‘you need to use certain types of gear for certain stats. limiting customization’’

‘‘we want others to know what stats you have by just looking at what you are wearing, once again. limiting customization’’

‘‘we want to allow you to choose an item for the look with little penalty to stats’’ (remember the ''certain gear for certain stats thing?)

‘‘it should become a system where you can choose how you look, but certain items have certain stats, but you cant fully choose how you want to look because we want people to easily identify your stats by looking at you’’

this is how i read the entire discussion, do you see now why i find it contradicting?

I dont doubt that you have a great system in mind, i just doubt how it works and how much freedom it will actually allow players to have.


I think the best analog to this is the spore creature creator. If you wanted certain stats, flying for example, you had to have wings equipped somewhere. This did not cause all winged creatures to look the same as you could choose from a variety of colors and shapes and locations, but you could read a creature based on its apperance and know it could fly.

The OO system is like the spore system except that it is more “hard point” based rather than free placement. The result should be a readable system with wide variety not quite as variable as spore, but certainly enough to allow players to feel unique.

I for one am not a fan of transmoging either.


but why are you against the fact that you can use lower level armor looks if that is what you want in high level?

or are you against the fact that the different levels have different looks so you need to use a lower level look if you want to use it?


Try not to pick apart our off-the-cuff forum comments too much, that just makes me not want to share our working thoughts. Especially if If we’re getting heat for sharing unfinished or undeveloped plans.

I think you’re judging this based off your experienced and understanding of other games/MMOs, which is fine, but as I mentioned we haven’t fully shared our plans yet. Oort is very, very different to most MMOs. So hold tight until we share more!


edit: ^^’ did not see that delete


fair. will take the fall for that one then.

will just have to wait for something more then, because look around you, the forums feels like they are slowly dying, because people have nothing to argue. no new systems to look at, its a pityful thing. most of them are support threads and off-topic, we need some new systems, something to make activity go op, something to hype the opeople who owns the game, and if the devs wont add new stuff to discuss ‘‘because it makes them not want to share it’’ when we do, then who will?


Having only been around here for a few months, the forums are the most active I’ve ever seen them, currently. There definitely seems to be an oscillation of activity, though


Trust me, this is nothing compared to what it was, it was quite interesting, the building project flamed up people which is amazing, however its hard if its the community that has to force an interest in the game.

i personally have over a 100 different suggestions and some more general just to spark debate or interest in the future of the game but even i cant come up with anything new to discuss, just about everything have been said at this point and we cant continue before we have more information which can be argued about.


Well that’s probably because you´ve already made a thread of about anything worth discussing :smile:
Also, why does it bother you so much when noting is being discussed? Doesn´t this mean everyone is happy with how the game is / going to be?


it means that a predetermined image of what the game is going to be will be stuck, and i think you and i are the perfect example of just how different the ideal image of the game is, the debates are needed to shake up these ideals to more fit the actual direction of the game, forexample i think i have a few about armors and there are in general quite a bit about armor, now we know that full body armor isnt a thing so we moved away from that discussion and moved into other discussion areas where the energy might be better well spent, we adapted the information to create new and great ideas, without more information we cant adapt and as such we get too comfortable in what we define as truth.


Isn’t the update going to come this upcoming week? Also, idk if making debates in a forum actually keeps it alive. Although they’re interesting to read, there are other ways to make this place more lively too. Like the Off-topic for example.

Also, ben only said that because he assumed that you guys were treating everything about what the devs said as if they were the final decision. In relation to james talking about how they release things (monthly over weekly). It’s similar to how they want to share info also.

I’m sure that the devs really want to give us more info. It’s just that they probably aren’t ready to share it yet.