Art: Race and wearable variations


hopefully, in that case i guess i just have to shut up and sit tight :smile:

i guess i just reacted like that since i found the forums quite dull and i would hate for people to completely lose interest in the game, if people are just contently waiting then i guess it is fine :smile:


I thought most of the silence was due to all of us being busy with things outside of the forums o-o. I know I am with all these assignments.

The building project did spark a lot of activity, but that was probably when everyone was still in summer vacation.


Guess it depends on your use of time, i have a ton of assignments too i still find time, i think @Havok40k is the best example, he seems insanely busy yet he still finds time to come and discuss on the forums. so more than not having time its a matter of not thinking that the time is well spent on the forums, which again is why i fear that a lack of interest is starting to happen :confused:

however highly off topic.


From what I have seen, forum activity picks up drastically before and after updates and around dev posts. We will see a pickup in activity after Monday’s (fingers crossed) planned update, and we will see huge activity around the survey. I think people are mostly tired of speculation on unconfirmed game play mechanics. Many players are in a wait-n-see kind of mood.

I personally am distracted by my work schedule (I promise I will finish those city contracts soon) and by various irl social activities. I fortunately can browse the forums from work on my phone.


And This update is going to fall quite close to the survey so the activity is going to get quite heavy soon :slight_smile:


oh yeah, the surveys, that is going to spark some life into things.


Happy thoughts everybody! :nyhappy:

Nyuudles is right, these are often early or in-progress thoughts or plans, not commitments or final designs. And I understand you’ll all like to hear more, and we will share more when the update is out. But I hope you’ll appreciate that this is the weekend and I’m still posting and replying to you guys because I do care about the community and discussion!


And that’s why I have the highest confidence that the upcoming features, both this week’s release and future planned releases will be fun, unique and well developed. You guys just put so much thought and passion into every facet of the game and it shows. I think the general public’s unfamiliarity with game design processes is the origin of much of the fears we have seen these past few months. For me, @ben, @james, @claudiotolomei and the rest of the devs here have done much to put those fears to rest for me. Kick back, fellow supporters. We knew it would be a long ride on the hype train since we boarded, right? :smile:


I’m sure the release this week will create plenty of activity.


That’s true. A lot of us are just always on the forum because we want to play the game, we have nothing else to do or something along those lines. So we sometimes “forget” that you’re a dev and even post on weekends and at night time.

I, for one, really appreciate that. Thanks Ben.


We love the discussion and debate (and I’m not trying to stop the thread, so keep it going!)


Looks awesome guys, keep it up!


You could have an option for the computer to take a picture of you, then have it molded into a standard Boundless skin. From there you could then change the color, amount of head tails, and armor.


i cant see the photo… have you taken it off?


The image URI goes to, and I’m guessing the DNS or redirect has expired. Here’s the image via the new URI:


I think @OortSimon is the dev to summon if the pictures in a thread are broken.


I thought only the Kraken could be summoned.


If you miss any art, you can always check out my collection of past devlogs, too :smile:


Lol, of course you are! :joy_cat:


Now–could we get those images dancing to “Uptown Funk?”