Art: Territorial creature


I like #3 because of the concept, but it also makes me want something more like a burrowing anglerfish. Basically I’d just prefer it to pop out and fight instead of just open the ground/facehole and bite you. Either way its a good way to incorporate a droppable ingredient :smiley:

#8 I picture hiding like a flower up in tree leaves and attacking anyone who tries to chop that tree down, and then flying down at your head like a facehugger… which would be awesome.

I know this is supposed to be more for look than behaviour, I just have a hard time judging one without picturing the other.


1 has to be my favorite. Six more of those in the same spot and you get Scylla.


I like the idea of No.1, does it like drop down grab you? Like some kind of evil vine monster? I sincerely hope so…


ALL of them but no. 15… :smyum:




I just noticed the resemblance :smile:. I’m liking 15 more now.


Oh wow. that is uncanny! :smiley:


I like 12 and 13


My personal favorites are 2, 12 and 13, however I think that a territorial creature should be able to chase you, in which case I’d choose 1, 4, 7 (with 7 perhaps opening up like 13) or 12 (especially 1 and 12).

Keep up the great work!