One off the creators @Touch122 is working hard on his build and its already usable off-coarse there’s more coming cause epiciness is not build in a day :wink:

screenshots off “the tree off life coarse”

Our brick exchange is closed at moment sorry
bout this im looking to restock it

making cool roads using the new led blocks to wip to show ya can always look ingame offcoarse :innocent:

New Fun thing for Creators that join permanent led art forever changing by your own hand :grin:

dont forget to visit our sponsor Centless store cheap coils and many other stuff part off the profit goes to this competition/permanent project

and if ya like the builds go ingame and use our likes machine we add the likes to the creator board

extra:spleef now offers sand and fists to play the game


I can donate a variety of rock colors. I enjoy seeing the interesting builds and want to help support your project.


thanks for the offer i get back to you first gonna have a look on how i can make the stone exchange safer :smile: without needing loads off different beacons if i see a new builder joining and he needs something we have a place on project where they can use request baskets for the time being


Aqua’s arte intera project
seen guilds info and loves it
so we allready started a new project to expand our instituti
Its a building that gonna get build for 14guilds
to compete in a 2BY2 room build-off
also a one plot info room will be provided for each participating guild to add all there info to join etc
heres a peep at a ruff plan the build will follow soon after

now excuse me

ow btw if a guild uses his inforoom to portal to there guildcenter its allowed
is all for fun but we can add a most artistic guildbuild plaque in the main center off arte intera for the winner

Looking for LORE CREATOR

You can have other guild controls/books in your guild/beacon from other guilds no limet ;D


First Guild Confirmed :fireborn


Let me share some of our city picture here XD


pretty damn awesome roadrunner! Very nice work


3 Guilds confirmed

the area is completely dug out building starts tomorrow
will be ready soon its allready looking massive


Last night dunedragon popped by and we dug out the GUILDSANCTUM
the theme has been chosen and it be aztec
we provide each guild with a 2BY2BY2 room to create an art piece to represent there Guild’s philosophies
the first project inside the buildsite started a huge aztec face that leads you into the inner sanctum which holds guild rooms where ya can find every piece off detail written on ancient scrolls
we offer room for 14 guilds so better be fast
allready a few guilds reserved a spot

if all go good tonight we raise the roof off the entire main sanctum roof
the lay-out


we having a blast building the guild sanctum
we put in the first roof pillar i did it a bit overkill but why not
touch and andy been working on the ancient archival rooms(bunch off signs for guild info)

each guildroom is 2BY2BY2 plots with these pillars left and right inside there be a showpiece off the the guilds masterbuilders plus a guildglyph in front on the floor in the innersanctum you can read about the guilds on ancient scrolls
it be a nice place to choose your destiny

thx to @andysav @EdWe @Touch122 @tarkiz for the great help anybody bored come help me make the pillars :grin:
ow and if ya got spare hot magenta gleam come drop some off i pay you in thank you’s


Great idea man will look good once all spots are filled


We got a Snowman :smiley:
the build is now fully protected by plots
if anybody got a suggestion for what we put on the massive floor off inner-sanctum post suggestions here
the guild rooms already got a spot build in to place there guildglyph
i was thinking to use symbol off unity
but need something cool like this

Spanish guild recruting

Hey we hard at work to create the guild sanctum today we started the roof work as this is a arte intera project we dont belief in basic roofs :grin: so if anybody wonna come grab a free chisel and stones to help he can make lots off xp fast plus it helps us build faster :thinking:
heres some screens off the progress

special thanks today to @BG2F4ce for the awesome help and offcoarse the main crew @andysav @EdWe @Touch122 @tarkiz @Dunedragon


holidays are over and i get back to the project :grin:
please help me we got a massive floor the make and i need cool ideas our designs if we like one enough we build it and add the creator to the credits room give little shout-out :smile: the floor is 10by6 plots

heres current style we working with

if ya need me i be playing boundless :smiley:


something like this? :smiley:


had a go at it myself


Beautiful designs!


I like @Hashmalash 's first one.


i like it alot aswell only problem for that one is that sanctum is 10 by 6 plots its not square