Well there’s your problem! Yeah missing 4 blocks on one side. Well it still looks good. I have to see what I can come up with.


the crew been working hard and we made lots off progress on roof and floor added more pillars etc hope to get it ready for the guilds soon :smiley:

if some guilds cant wait anymore we allready got some rooms up to begin the artpiece that represents the guilld and additional information room in the innersanctum

The "Caretakers" Guild Recruitment / Project Updates

The sanctum is ready to receive the guilds pm me our the arte intera faction to get you room each guild is provide with a 2by2 room for a showpiece that represents the guild and in innersanctum a big room to set up guild and faction book and loads off space for signs to explain the guild its historie member lists lore etc be fasr cause most rooms are all ready reserved and we haven’t started to expand yet my friend @BG2F4ce is looking into maybe adding a inner innersanctum for a guild leader guild and aditionel private temple to hide all our secret co-ops :grin:


Wait a second here. That’s an area dedicated to just guilds? Ingenious!


ok that went fast :smile:
10etherian woods
11dark legion
13elfos boundless(spanish guild)
14 last spot for the one i forgot

due to big succes we gonna expand the innersanctum to add another 10guildspots


Where are you guys located?


It’s on Kada I. The easiest way I know how to get there is the Ultima Hub on Finita, go through the Aquatopia Embassy gate to Bekon. Go west under the platform you will see:

Go through and turn around and you will see:

Go thru that portal. It will change but that will get you there.

@the-moebius can inform you more.


Ya grabbed lastspot I think irs2by2 artroom and a 1byvariable info and guild books room we about to switch to a big portal links so if the small one is closed it’s not far on foot at arte intera kada


All rooms ready now we nearing completion off fase one after this the. Arrte intera faction gonna need a new project so post ideas and contact me if ya wonna invest plots :sunglasses: Interested in joining a faction purely focused on doing group builds visit us via aqua embassy hub use the guild sanctum portal and in sanctum use the portal to city center


ARTE INTERA FACTION brought together there finest architects and designed a stair that maximizes wall space in any base
quick in and out access and no jump skill accessible
there is a massive post coming soon off our new project keep eye out here
in the future we will offer base problem solving service for small fee

soon we will have a guild club and start recruiting more artist and architects if ya interested contact me we focus on group builds construction help chisel expertise and base templating + mega projects :nerd_face:


Patent pending?


Looks interesting :slight_smile:


pinged the entire aqua crew and i could not belief the support
for free weekend
people donated stuff to offer a nice fair beginner stuff shop and we prebuild two build zones for new players to join
we havent been posting alot lately cause we to busy rebuilding the entire embassy
people gonna log in all weekend to bring new players in and help them out (if they wanna join the social part off game off-coarse)
this set up will also remain in the futur and the zone shortcuts have been sponsored for months allready
both zones are provide with new roads
etc etc
i need get back to playing so i leave some screenshots behind

@SamF i asked to know about the event sooner to prepare but forgot how epic the aqua crew is and how fast friends can get things done

EDIT:changed screenshots first ones where wrong lol


I love the feeling on the board today. People are more hyped for this than the holiday events, lol.


was on our agenda we just rushed it a bit


Glad i am not the only one hyped for this. I even had to learn where to look for the number of current players xD


This is amazing guys, I love seeing things like this! For me, this is what Boundless is all about :smiley:


Yes we do things chopchop


new event new seasonal art on the embassy hub
im looking for sponsor(mats will be returned if needed)

and if anybody feel real creative post some ideas here our a full blow plan to recreate a grapple def let me knowz
if not the arte intera faction can handle this :smile:

keep eye out here soon i be posting a hub tutorial to explain all the nifty systems we been installing in and around the hub and there’s alot to explain :joy:

question for mod @Havok40k @Stretchious
i had that other log for aquatopia if you guys merge both thogether will all post stay in it?
it be a nice to combine all aquatopian posts in one massive post reason its split cuase i had lost the edit title for a while and this is now fixed let me know if we can work something out this is the original aqua post i would like this one to merge into my original one that has our history Aquatopia¸.·´¯·.´¯·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸><(((º>Remember Moebius plaza?
grtz moebsman the ubernoob :nerd_face:

shout out to our master designer @Touch122 and his loveswan if ya havent seen it yet go to the embassy hub beckon this instant its very epic plus we still handing out bouquets(ask crewmember nearby)


@cutty im looking for you
wonna clean up around the ship
lot off weird sand plots just wonna make it tidy
could i have acces ? im def not gonna touch the ship i love that thing
also building my new home next to it hence the cleanup