Artwork of oort online

I see we have alot of talented people on the forum and i think we should make a page where they can share their awesome things, and hopefully @ben and @james can encourage the team to share some more concept art from time to time.

Here are 2 stunningly beatuful concept arts made by @Nyuudles which is why i decided to start this thread

I love art like this but sadly i cannot draw even if my life depended on it <.<

so feel free to share and lets see what people came up with.


I was bored so I sculpted a lizard race :stuck_out_tongue:


Here is one from @Nyuudles please tell me you get paid for this man xD


Everybody can learn drawing and painting, if he/she want. Why you not? :wink:

Because i dont have the passion for it.

Nyuudle’s art is so beautiful. :open_mouth:
(I’l be getting a drawing tablet very very soon so I might be able to contribute to the conversation. :smile:

That is a great picture, orange block people and all.

its not mine. its nyuudle’s

I know you said as much before.

So much talent in the thread I can’t even :blush:

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OMG if owls were a race I would so play as them. Owls are my favorite animal btw.
owls would make an awesome race as the creative/building type- they are associated with knowledge and can fly to make building easier.
Awesome art!

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@Zouls Nope, I just begun doing digital art a year ago. I’m still learning :x

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I was bored (again) and did a Oort online titan fanart

It’s the firs drawing i ever did on pc but I still hope you like it :blush:


its really nice, the pink is fits extremely well :smile:


It’s the Forum Titan, let us gather our might to gain its treasures!

Cease your forum cluttering roleplay at once! (put it in a reply topic m8 :stuck_out_tongue: )

I made this right now. Of course it doesn’t look as stylish as grandmaster Nyuudles art, but I wanted to show it the community :slight_smile:


nice. what would you call the race?

Difficult - I’d say, mouse, fox, bunny. A Mox-bunny.
Is not cute enough still :confused:

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Looks very nice!

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