Atlas tweak

On ps4, when hovering the cursor over an atlas that has been linked to a world, it just has the tag ‘atlas’. Meaning if I have multiple stacks of atlas and I want to find a particular one I have to press triangle on each one until I find it, and just to make it slightly more irritating the cursor returns to the centre item each time rather than where I left it. I don’t know if this is the same on pc.

Now, this is a minor annoyance in the scheme of things (but is growing as the number of atlas I have is growing) but surely it would be relatively easy to change the tag from ‘atlas’ to the name of the world it is linked to, saving having to open the info tab each time? (maybe it’s not that easy, my lack of programming knowledge has not stopped me from making the assumption though!)

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I agree with you mentioned. The devs grouped the atlases so it can be easily organized in the player storage. Renaming the atlases once discovered to its rightful name can be very beneficial.

for empty atlases it’s perfect but once they’ve been bound to a planet they should read “Atlas of Boori” (or whatever planet it’s bound to of course)