Atlas visible region centers

So I’ve become to appreciate hunting on unexplored planets simply because finding new regions there is so much easier. What if the region centers were just visible on the atlas somehow, I think it’d make it clearer how the exploration works in general. Now it feels weird being deep in the dark area with just the reversed compass cardinals to point you in the right direction.

This would ease the hunting process considerably as well, it’s already done with the boundless map position client thing on the PC.


I was trying to mark all the regions on a planet and regretted my prior exploration that had been completed.

Yea I highly recommend a hunting atlas with meteors showing up in them

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Dont blank ones have the little grey square for the region center?

In any case I really wish region centers and outlines were marked on completed atlases.

Honestly i rely soo much on that i wish i could bring up that map in game.

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