Atmosphere-aligned hub?

Are there any portal hubs out there with links to the higher tiered planets organized by atmospheric protection required? Like if I’m focusing on just Caustic protection skills, I want to be able to hop between Caustic planets without having to pass through other atmospheres that I can’t handle.

Is this even possible with the current universe layout? If not, then I’m a little confused, why have atmospheric protection skills to choose between if you have to get them all to do anything anyways?

I use PS hub over Ultima for this exact reason. The hubs all have the same layout of one portal per cardinal direction so you can draw a map and navigate it blind. My miner is 0/4/0 on protection stats and I have to run thru at least 3 foggy hubs to get to Galan but it’s well worth it.

Edit: to first chart a portal I enter it and grapple the ground so I can always get back to that portal


Nice tip with the grapple, I’ll have to try that :slight_smile:

Still wish there was a better option though. Maybe if the fog wasn’t so harsh it wouldn’t be so bad. Like if I could see 3-4m instead of being completely blind.