Attn: Rockin' Rocks


Would the owner of Rockin’ Rocks please contact me?

I see you like to make cheap bricks… I’d love to talk to you about that.


Not wanting to miss an opportunity i also make cheap bricks. Have a decent stock at my atall, more being made now and can easily produce another 15k of any colour (i have compact clay etc in storage). What colour you looking for? My shop is brick e mart on gellis, in new leyden (middle of market, not front)

Current price is 6c ea


I’ve bricks at 4c if you go thru the Ultima lamblis gate in the mountain opposite the gate. Not a massive selection but their there gathering dust haha


Wow, OK… I didn’t intend to start a bidding war, but I guess it’s on.

Looking for Sedimentary Bricks, Silk Turquoise, as many as I can get for about 30,000c.