Audio: Update on audio and Livestock creature 'call' sounds

This month we kicked off a large part of the audio process: hiring a super talented sound engineer, Steve Whetman, to create brand new, bespoke sound effects. Steve’s worked on Gear of War, Batman, Doctor Who and a ton of other games. He’s currently working out of his studio and recording foley at Pinewood Studios, we’ll be sharing parts of the process on the dev log like we do normally with other stuff (and we also have a new Soundcloud account).

For now, here’s a first listen of the ‘call’ of the livestock (still unnamed goat/chicken) creature:


Are they used for different things? like are some of them random and some of them only happen when players gets close to either sound thretening or alarm the other animals?

I’ll break down the creature emotes a bit better in another post soon.

I really like how alien they sound! That’s a whole lotta echo though


Sounds like it could be used as a text alert. Haha


And here I thought it was called doug :doug: They do sound nice though. Alien and a little creepy, but nice.

We should call them DUGDUG and have them scratch/dig in the dirt for roots and tubers :wink:

:doug: :purple_heart:


Thats… actually brilliant!

They all sound really good. Great job