Aus players, this poll is for you

I’m the man behind ShowRoom and I’m doing a little research to know if AUS players would be interested in having a hub in their zone.
If I build the AUS hub will you be interested in a plot ? The hub would be connected to USE like USW and EU hubs.

  • Yes
  • No

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There’s a fair few australian players, but the vast majority have their shops on the non-australian planets. Mostly because non-australians usually struggle on australian servers (just like most australians struggle on every other region hah), but also because the portal distance from Lasagna and Lutrion are pretty extreme.


Thanks @Sujimichi88

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I would probably be interested, but not ready yet though so no hurry lol

Definetly not enough ppl. It’s sad that USE has absorved so much percentatge of the market, leaving other regions close to dead.

Edit: And the problem again PORTALS.