Australia needs a Tier 4 world

It would be really nice if Australia got a few more higher tier planets.

We definitely don’t need more tier 1 or 2’s given how underpopulated they are already, but a few higher tier planets would be quite nice to have for hunting and mining.


I miss Altarnik.


Problem is they dont have the player base for it. I moved to boori highest tier we can get under Aus. Until they do a higher one ill call this home. It has meteors so not completely poor.

I wholeheartedly agree with this post. As an Australian, it feels as though every other server has higher tiered worlds, inclusive of rarer ores and gems and Australia gets missed or looked over, with the only excuse from the general public being that australia does not have a high enough population to generate such worlds. And yet we have 3+ starter worlds. Why do we need three starter worlds with a small pop and why not different tiered worlds? I may be biased but i definitely think this is something to be considered.


Agreed. I’m an EU player but I know how frustrating it can be to deal with lag on us world’s especially when mining or hunting and the rubber banding kills you. Hopefully the Aussies will get some nicer world’s!

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To be fair tho, why would u have a server for a world that would only be half used. Seems like a pretty valid excuse if the dev team gave it… im an aussie i just go to us worlds. Long as u avoid central hubs hey run fine anyway. U could even build a base in them really.

All of my mining and base is in a US West world. Why have multiple starter worlds when the space could be better utilized?
It’s catering to the entire player-base and not just specific regions.

I only just had my internet upgraded. I could use Us worlds before and i still can. But consider the other unfortunate people who are limited to Australian servers who also love the game but are unable or unwilling to risk such other planets due to their own network constraints


But if im an average aussie with average internet having trouble only in hubs with massive people and massive data to load in why would other audsies be having trouble?

I havent seen it as an issue. As said ive still been to and built on t5 and 6 worlds with no issue. I will actually be making the next new planet release out my main base regardless of its region.

I understand ur point about catering to all Australians in like 3 different planets but im just pointing out as an Aussie this hasnt been an issue for me. Dont see why it would be for others. Im not even on NbN

For me its not abut catering to Australians. Its about:

A.) We have more than enough T1 and T2 worlds across all servers
B.) Having more T4+ worlds would be nice
C.) Its logical to put those worlds on AU servers since there isn’t any yet

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This is exactly it. I’m not interested in individual people - i’m looking to better or further the Australian server in general, although as i mentioned before - creating higher tier worlds solves both respective problems with one solution

Especially because that means more worlds, period. Besides that, they can create worlds at a moment’s notice.

Ok as an aussie i disagree because i havent had any networking issues with building on any of the planets. If others have id advise them to get their internet sorted because this isnt a massive data chewing game we sre talking about. Ive had this game running on 3 different systems 2 pcs and one ps4 all at once from my place with no issues.

As I can visit all worlds and havent had any issues except for the hubs which need fixing ill stand by my opinion.

This is a suggestions post. You’re welcome to disagree but we are discussing this as a whole, in general and not at a personal level :slight_smile:

Sorry, but I have to disagree. This game uses up a LOT of bandwidth, and sadly, that’s just how voxel deformation games work. Both local and server processing are needed to make sure that everything matches in parity, however, I would LOVE more AU planets, even as a US player because that means I can be more isolated.

My point isn’t that other servers lag. Its that we don’t need more tier 1 or 2 worlds and that if a new higher tier world was added, it should be added to the AU servers to balance things out.

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And my point is the game runs fine for australians so why the need for any more australian worlds really…

Because other regions have enough t4 worlds and we don’t?


And because more planets.

And you cant access these worlds? I havent had an issue accessing them. Who cares where they are based if they work…

Level 1, 2, 3 worlds are explicitly deployed per region. This is to make sure new players start in a local region for the best possible experience. We also want to make sure that the first world they warp to is within the same region.

Level 4+ worlds can be deployed in any region and are considered global by the game. For example, a Level 3 world in Aus might link to a Level 4 world in any region.

As the universe grows an initial target is to make sure that all regions have 1 of each world, including Aus. Once we reach this target we’ll continue to add worlds in regions proportional to their in game populations.

So, yes, Aus will get Level 4+ worlds - but only as the universe grows. We don’t want too much over capacity or the game will begin to feel very empty.