Auto-Add Shared Beacons to Your List


Would it be possible to have things set up so that when someone gives you permissions on their beacon it is automagically added to your beacon list? Or perhaps have two tabs for beacons, have an owned beacon list and shared beacon list.

I feel like this would be beneficial in situations like I am in now when someone’s beacon is low but I have no clue who’s or where the beacon that is about to run out is. I don’t always add beacons that people give me permissions on to my list, mainly because I don’t think about it, and on occasion, my guildmates pimp me out to do chiseling for other people. Which could mean it is someone that I have done work for before, that never removed me from their permissions list.

So I keep getting the message that one of my beacons is low, but I have Gleam club so it is not one of my owned beacons.

Just my random thought of the evening.


I think the issue I see with this is I have plenty of permissions to beacons that I do not have any responsibility to track. My list of beacons is already long enough and I don’t need more added.

We have a specific option to add it and people can easily go in and do that. I don’t see the value add to automatically add it and then all those that don’t need it (which is likely a lot more than those that do need it) have to take the time to remove it.


That is why I also said perhaps a second tab just for shared beacons could be in order so it doesn’t clutter your owned beacons.


Another option could then be to just remove the notification for expiration on beacons that you don’t have in your list


If you filled one of your beacons with beacon fuel instead of using a campfire first then the beacon you will get low fuel warnings when that fuel is about to expire and switch to GC fuel.

Also the beacon timers show on your beacon list(if you have proper permissions) so you can see which one it is. And the ones that haven’t shown me a timer in my experience have never told me it was about to expire. But I suppose those people may fill the beacons before they get to that state in my case.