Auto craft button on PS4?

Has there been an autocraft/bulk craft button added to the PS4 controller in the last year or so? Or do you still need to queue 30 items in each refinery/extractor/table/etc?


Still need to click no matter if it’s PS4 or PC


Ok. Thanks. That sucks lol


At least with the PC you can use the spacebar or a macro.

I hope they add this.


Just curious what is your method for using a macro? What software are you using?

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I still Feel using macros is cheating.

Me personally am not by anymeans a pc nerd Who knows a lot about some macros etc.

But this has been talked about In different topic so… We just leave it there :smiley:


I sometimes hook up a keyboard to my PS4 and hit the spacebar and x button at the same time. Speeds things up considerably for those long crafting table grinds.

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My keyboard just comes with razor software.

I use it to toggle pressing a button on/off vs having to hold it down. Really saves wrist/hand strain. Most games have an option to do this via a setting if they have a lot of button pressing.

I have no idea about any other macros or the program ones.


This was “in the works” a year or so ago. Desperately needed QOL update, especially since that spiteful rock exp nerf.


Cool, I do the same thing with my corsair keyboard and my targus mini game keyboard.

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sample on PC possibilities

old location that area is non existed due to reclaims

I’m pretty sure there’s some work in progress to make crafting easier

i use the STEELSERIES Rival 650 Wireless

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PC is fine as ive got a Logitech kB and all its little features.

I’m more interested in PS4 solutions as that’s what I’m primarily on these days with covid and the kids using all the PCs for school work nearly 24/7.

Edit to say I don’t mean Auto craft button exactly but a ‘craft all’ button so I don’t need to click through each machine 30x. I can just click one machine and press craft all and move to next. Auto craft is something totally different