Autoattack lefthand block/weapon/tool

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When will auto-attack be corrected with the left hand after exiting inventory?


Yeah, this is the worst. :frowning:

i think they will never fix this pc bug :joy::weary:

Isnt it great when u have a 3x3 on and u lose a bunch of ur walls ugh

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Since there’s no known way to reproduce it consistently and it only happens randomly they don’t know what causes it :confused: If someone knows the exact steps to make it happen please let them know.

They can disable tool/weap use a sec or two after closing.

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you are lucky if it was ONLY a 3x3 tool… last time it happen to me it was in the middle of my base and i had a forged gem bomb with extra dmg and range in the hand…cost my some deco rift a lot marble and some refined metal and some storage block, because it was middle in my base…

This will not help. You will run further and this auto-cast will turn on after 2 seconds, not immediately. Almost no difference

For me it happens on 1st inventory close after initially logging on or onto another character. Generally only happens in the beginning of a play session and not again.