so is autoclicking a thing? he did it with a flower

people just cant get levels the right way…

it isn’t that hard :confused:

They just make a macro for their mouse to continuously hold down or continuously click.


So it is a thing, just not part of the game. Pulover’s Macro Creator is a decent free one if you want to try making one :smiley:

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I’m sure…caught in the act lol

Okay so he was exploiting the flowers but it didn’t work

yea but he did try to cover it

Why are people ashamed of using an exploit?


haha I dunno its early access, they are supposed to find this stuff. I wouldn’t sit there and do it all day and then say I didn’t lol


It’s not such great exploit :slight_smile: More of a bit unbalanced feature, just make shovel break flowers in 2 hits and it’s ok.

As for autoclick, I use macro for a long time for that, who would be crazy to hold mouse button down when mining 10 plots out :smiley: After that I got used to use it even for a few blocks. I have to keep my hands healthy :smiley:

by all means tho flower power away if that’s what you like <3

it was just funny to discover didnt know about it and I dont have macro for mining so I just use a cup on the mouse =)


just use a xbox one controller, use 2 flowers and hold down the triggers with hair ties, with that said I’m out

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Don’t get me wrong :smiley: it’s great for lower levels, but for higher levels I don’t think it would pay off, maybe if you can leave computer on for a night or something.

I haven’t used it on main account, but I do use it on one of alt accounts to try out different build for char :slight_smile:

As for macros, yeah, they are quite useful, when gem hammers were 2 full hits plus a 1/6th of a hit I used macro to dual wield gem and stone hammer :slight_smile:

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@Spoygg I’ve been going manual since day ONE. I been doing that slow holding down the mouse button the entire time

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you got some mouse skillz :smiley:



Hes def got mouse skills