Autoclimbing single height block versus jumping

Title describes it all, I just think it will make the movement smoother. Cube world comes to mind as one that implements this and it just makes sense versus spamming the jump button so often.

I also think the jump height should be changed to two blocks again for movement consistency, I’m not sure if this was already planned but I thought might as well mention it anyway!


Ultimately, that’s what slopes are for, in most cases terrain is sensible enough that there are sloped paths to where you want to go rather than having to constantly jump.

In the past we’d played with having an ‘auto-jump’ (I know this isn’t exactly what cubeworld does) but it felt very unnatural since it was very easy to make it do the wrong thing like running towards a ledge but stopping just before you get to it by which point it had already started jumping for you expecting you to continue up it.


First off thank you for such a quick reply!

could the jump height still be changed or maybe a climbing ability to scale vertically versus having to find the sloped path?

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I like this idea a lot more than jump height as jump heigh can be used to ignore a lot of dangerous terrain later on in the developement.

Maybe just do as the smart moving mod to minecraft? where you can hop one block and then you character can grab the ledge of a block and climb on top of it.

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they talked about races a long time ago in a podcast, one of the things they mentioned would be possible was a race which would ledge grap and crawl up like that, nothing too strong but it would allow you to climb up when having a grappling hook there.

i dont think everybody should be able to climb, i also think the 1 jumpheight is enough since most terrain is sloped.

so i agree with thor, not really much higher jump height, only as a racial bonus in my eyes.

Modern video game characters do need some very basic parkour to put them ahead of our retro favorites who we fondly remember getting stuck behind a pebble and having to walk all the way around.


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I agree with auto hopping one block heights, however it may be necessary to make wall blocks a block and a half do you do not auto climb them. That way you don’t just “walk” off the ledge of a bridge.

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unfortunately slopes don’t form as much as we’d like. I dont think the auto jump in necessary, but we certainly need to increase the amount of sloping that goes on. I’ve gotten stuck many a time on patches of blocky ground. Similarly, leaves, stones, and other non sloping materials don’t make for a fun time because they can’t slope. This is something I’m sure you guys will get fixed eventually though.
What I would like to see is some sort of climbing feature where you can climb like 2-3 block walls. Also similar parkour and movement options to make the game feel more realistic.

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Or since it seems walls are there own special item it could be that the player will not auto hop them and that exclusion could be carried over to other construction items

Ah a value that can be applied as simply to any item rather than writing in an adjustment height for all items you shouldn’t climb over. I like it.

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I like having to jump up single blocks and walking up slopes/stairs. It feels logical :slight_smile:

I’d love to be able to grab a ledge on the second block and slowly pull up. That’d feel really cool. Don’t want it to be like Prototype (console-game) where you run fast up and down walls and over obstacles at more or less full speed, just wanna feel that I can climb up some smaller ledges. Maybe jump over one block, sorta jump/hurl abit slower over two blocks and ledge-pull over three blocks :slight_smile:

And the classic hang from ledge and handwalk sideways over gaps or such. Would be awesome.