Automated defence blocks?

Just a short idea: What do you think about the possibility to build defence blocks/stuff like a magical gun or a tesla generator. Such stuff could be used as a defense for beacons (“don’t follow me or you feel 'da pain”) or to lure creatures into traps. Of cause they have to be feeded with shards and/or are destroyable (if not put into a beacon).

What do you think? :wink:

Maybe totems? A totem would have a certain effect like healing or inflicting damage (1st for players and 2nd against creatures). Kinda like the beacons in mc but better :smiley:

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Yeah that’s something I also had in mind when thinking about them. The look can also be like an obelysk or a cauldron for example.

This is a great totem concept I found in the old forum earlier :slight_smile:

Kinda Op though. no?

but yes. i want to be able to craft dungeons where i could place a ton of traps and only people with true skill could survive.

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I think a defensive/ trap style of combat would be really cool, so I would support this. Although this does seem a little complex to be implemented in the short term. I think totems would play very well into the graphic style of the game as well.

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A trap that makes you blind. Enter if you dare.