Automatic augment "reload"

The idea would be that you would automatically reapply the last used augment to your slingbow if you have them in your inventory. I think this would rise the appeal to use the augments especially in meteorite hunts, as it’s very unintuitive to start loading augments in the middel of a fight while having 5 elite cuttletrunks bullying you.

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or like stacks of hammers, just pop in the full smart stack! ;D


I believe i read somewhere you could put a full stack into a slingbow and it would change once one was used up. But i know i heard it during beta time. So idk if its a thing yet or not.

Is it working for you or is it how it’s suppoused to work?

As if I place the smart stack on the bow and use up one stack from it it doesn’t place the next one in it to the bow? or should the bows not be stacked for it to work? Should I rather report this misbehavior in the issues thread?

sorry, I meant that as a suggestion. I haven’t tried it though but I’ve heard this complaint before :slight_smile:

Ah :grin:

Well I guess that would work too and perhaps not be as over powerd as using all the Smart stacks in the inventory, although it’s also a choise between do you want to have inventory full of augments or loot.